Zhang Yibai’s film industry is only temporarily cat winter

Zhang Yibai’s film industry is only temporarily “cat winter”
Directed by Zhang Yibai (first from left) and Peng Yuchang (third from right), the web drama “The Sky of the Wind Dog” is expected to air this year.  During the epidemic, Zhang Yibai was mainly busy with the post-production work of the web drama “Wind Dog Boy’s Sky” that had been filmed last year. “There is no way but to work hard to adapt to this new online post-production model.”At the same time, he has always been very concerned about the development of the epidemic, but he really wants to make a film about the epidemic. He said that he must carry out a solid field investigation,” to express such a major thing, it must be to feel on the ground, but notImagine out of thin air, otherwise you can only write about yourself.”Director Zhang Yibai’s representative work” Take Love to the End “1998, movie” Metro to Spring “2001, movie” The Year in a Hurry “2014, movie” Passing Through Your World “2016, movie” I”My Motherland” (co-director) 2019 producer movie “Later Us” In 2018, the producer movie “Winning the Championship” is not yet released.Without interfering with thinking and creation In the life of isolation at home during the epidemic, director Zhang Yibai said that he seemed to become a high school student.He gets up at 7 a.m. every morning to exercise, then reads books and takes notes. After lunch break, he supplements the post-production work of “The Wind Dog’s Sky” and sleeps after watching two movies at night.He lamented that he seemed to have returned to his student days, and his life became regular.  Talking about the creative life at home during the epidemic, Zhang Yibai first told a legend about the Indians: The Indians will stop for a rest every three days on the road, because they worry that the soul will not keep up with the body, so they want to walk too fast.Stop and wait for the soul.He reflected this story on the sudden new pneumonia epidemic. He had to say that the entire film and television industry, including himself, had been too busy and walked too fast in the past ten years.And during this time, let everything click the pause button. He also got an opportunity to precipitate his soul. He still insists on creating and believes in creating. Some people even say that the film industry is in the winter of the industry. He thinks that it is unnecessary or impossible to feel lost.As long as you have confidence in your creation, you can rescue the movie: “The front-line teams of cinema, distribution, screening, and publicity are really under pressure. The support methods such as rent-free and tax-free are only the escort of the country, but more importantly, the creation in the post-epidemic eraIt is still an excellent creation. Only this can support this industry. The confidence of the industry should also be based on the creator’s confidence in his work.”Despite the advent of the epidemic, Zhang Yibai’s project was forced to suspend, and the super-produced film” Winning the Championship “was withdrawn from the Spring Festival file. A new movie about the theme of love that was originally planned to be shot this month was also covered up.However, he believes that these have not caused too much interference to him, but have more time and energy to re-think and create: “For us, creation is always the first, and other things are not what you cansolved.It is necessary to do what we should do under the general environment of national isolation. We have always said that the film industry is experiencing a cold winter, and indeed we are also living through the winter.There is a “cat winter” saying in Northeast China. Since winter comes and hides at home, he cannot go out, but he cannot imprison his thinking and creation.”I really want to show my old work at the current stage after the theater resumes work. Zhang Yibai’s main strength is concentrated on the late work of the filming of the Internet drama” Wind Dog Youth’s Sky “last year. The drama photographed several teenagers with different backgrounds and different personalities.Facing the conflict between innocent campus and social reality, running in the intertwining of family, friendship, and ignorance of love, the sun is as cool as the wind and the dog, so as to find a sky that belongs to you.”Wind Dog Boy’s Sky” is adapted from the writer Li Zelin’s novel of the same name, starring Peng Yuchang. Although the subsequent production method has become online communication, the main team has more time to calm down and edit the soundtrack., Polyamide.”A few days ago Peng Yuchang also asked me when I could broadcast it.Everyone’s communication has become a network. For example, music and tone are all done and passed through files. Although I have always been used to collective brainstorming or face-to-face debugging, there is no way but to work hard to adapt to this new line.On the post-production mode.”In addition to non-stop work, Zhang Yibai said that he has been busy taking a look at the movies he has made for so many years and has re-read them one after another. He has a new understanding and thoughts about his previous creations.He said that if the movie theater tries to resume work later, he would most like to see the works of the personal style he directed, such as “The Subway to Spring”, “Curiosity Kills the Cat” and “The Secret Shore”.  He mentioned the things he was very eager to do after the epidemic. His answer was very earthy. He wanted to go back to his hometown in Chongqing to eat a few meals, because during the epidemic, he cooked his own meals. “I feel that there is no hot pot to eat during this period.Want to go home for hot pot.”The epidemic-related works must be collected on the ground. Zhang Yibai thought a lot during the isolation period. He has a love conflict script that has been polished for several years. During this period of sinking his heart, he suddenly found inspiration:” I have been waiting, looking forInspiration for creation, because the heart calms down, sometimes it will only come out.In the past, we were too busy. If there is such a precipitation opportunity, we must seize it and think about the gradual creation.”Aiming at the many literary and artistic works that are going to be filmed about the epidemic, he said that if we want to make a film, we must conduct field investigations:” Most of the news we can contact now is the news seen on the Internet media. I hope that I will have a chance after the epidemic.Go to Wuhan, take a walk outside, listen to it, and really understand what happened in the local area.Everyone is the source of your creation, but to express a lot of important things, you must feel it on the ground, not imagination out of thin air, otherwise you can only write about yourself.”I feel that it is almost a film industry, and all industries in the country have been affected. Many cinemas and film companies are facing the risk of closure and dissolution. However,” winter “is the season of reserve, we should use this timeBe prepared, and the industry is ultimately about the quality of watching movies. If you do n’t think about creation every day, you just blame others and mourn, we will only be destroyed by ourselves.  During isolation, I basically watched old films, some of which reflect the history of Italy, similar to the film “1900” (above) directed by Bertolucci, the Italian drama “My Genius Girlfriend” and the movie “Bright Life”These are movies that have a large time span and reflect Italian society and life.I also watched some French movies during the New Wave, and some films from Godard.Although it has been two or three decades since graduating (graduating from the Dramatic Literature Department of the Central Academy of Drama in 1991), these classic movies are worth reviewing.I saw a Japanese movie “Your bird can sing” some time ago, this is a very small movie, it is very beautiful, very close to the people, the shooting technique is very poetic; there is a smaller Japanese movie “only”Glow There” (below), there may not even be a big production gimmick, but it can give people the warmest feeling in the heart.-Zhang Yibai talks about the recent filming and writing / sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan