[Can ordinary pressure cookers make cakes]_Cakes_Can you make cakes

[Can ordinary pressure cookers make cakes]_Cakes_Can you make cakes

Everyone knows that the pressure cooker is a very fast pressure cooker. The principle of cooking is to use high pressure to allow our food to cook quickly. The pressure cooker has been widely used in life. It is very convenient and many people like it.When they eat cakes, they will make cakes at home because they do n’t add food additives to their cakes. Can ordinary pressure cookers make cakes?

Ingredients: flour, eggs, milk, and sugar. First, you need a regular small bowl and two flat bowls of noodles. Then add eggs to the noodles.The stir fry is done by stirring the flour, eggs, and milk into a batter.

Next, use an ordinary small spoon to add two flat spoons of sugar to the batter. Finally, the most crucial step is to stir the batter evenly.

At this time, you must pay attention that there must not be noodles in the batter, otherwise the cake is not ready to be made, and the part with noodles will definitely be overcooked, so you must change the batter evenly and be sticky.Consistency.

After the batter is prepared, we add a small amount of oil to the pressure cooker, as long as the oil covers the bottom of the pot, this is to prevent the batter from sticking to the bottom of the pot for a while.

Then open the fire and pour the batter into the pressure cooker and cover the lid.

Note that you must not add a pressure limiting valve to the exhaust valve to avoid danger.

Cook over high heat for about 3 to 4 minutes. When you see white gas from the exhaust of the pressure cooker, you are done.

At this time, the fire should be turned off, the purpose is to not only make the batter in the pot cooked, but also to maintain the high temperature in the pot.

In fact, the main shaft of the pressure cooker at this time is the function of an oven, and the cake should be fluffy and soft.

Bake for 2 to 3 minutes.

It’s time to make the cake.

The cake is golden and brilliant in color, fluffy and soft, not worse than sold outside.

Prepared materials: 80g of flour, 5g of baking powder (can also be replaced by spontaneous flour), 4 eggs, 60ml of milk, 80g of sugar, 80g of oil, fruit juice, and juice. First, the egg yolk and egg white are separated.

Mix flour and baking powder well.

After the flour and baking powder are mixed, pour into the egg yolk mixture and stir well. Be careful not to have noodles, otherwise it will be caught.

Then began to beat protein.

It is estimated that many people do not have an eggbeater. I decided to sacrifice another one and manually beat the eggs to see what the hell is . If you do n’t have an eggbeater, you can use 5 with chopsticks. Beat together for a while and see some bubbles, Add 40 grams of sugar, you can also add sugar in 2 times, continue to beat