[Calories of millet porridge]_ energy _ nutritional value

[Calories of millet porridge]_ energy _ nutritional value

Due to local differences, the method of porridge is also different, some people like to drink white porridge, some people like to drink millet porridge, and some people like to drink Babao porridge, different people have different tastes, but for people who lose weightRegardless of certain foods, everyone is most concerned about the conversion of this food. In fact, the conversion of millet porridge is very low. What is the calorie of millet porridge?

The calories of millet porridge, if we take per 100 grams of millet porridge as the standard, the nutritional content of millet porridge: conversion 46.

00 kcal, carbonic acid 8.

40 grams, aunt 0.

70 grams of protein.

40 grams of cellulose.

00 grams.

The micrometer of millet porridge can be ground. The trace amount of millet porridge is actually not high, but the nutritional content of millet porridge is very high.

Carotene is not contained in general grains, and millet content is 0 per 100 grams.

12 mg, vitamin B1 content is the highest in all grains.

In fact, each person consumes a certain amount of volume every day according to their own conditions, so the conversion of daily intake is within a certain standard, and it will not gain weight. It is also possible to consume millet porridge. If millet porridge is controlled by the body,It will not gain weight within the required wavelength range.

Please see clearly, it just won’t gain weight, but it is definitely not possible to lose weight.

Because, although the millet porridge is not high, if you do not control your diet while eating millet porridge, or if you only eat millet porridge every day, there will be an imbalance in nutrition and weight loss may not be achieved.

Drinking only millet porridge, the starch in the porridge turns into speed, so hungry fast, and not easy to eat at the same time, it will lead to eat more.

If you keep drinking only 1-2 bowls of porridge per day, your body energy will naturally be recovered from other foods.

Millet is also very sugary, with 72 sugars per 100 grams.

8 grams, the speed is much higher than rice.

Therefore, if you want to maintain your figure, if you choose millet porridge as the main food when losing weight, you must consider the conversion of millet porridge.

Xiaomi is more supportive than rice. In terms of weight loss, there is no substantial difference between porridge and rice. It is a misunderstanding that the conversion of rice is high and the conversion of porridge is low.

Therefore, the purpose of drinking millet porridge is not to lose weight, but to supplement the spleen and stomach, help sleep, beauty and beauty, etc. Everyone must not take millet porridge as a weapon for weight loss.

If you want healthy weight loss without rebound, you must go through a reasonable diet.

Through healthy eating habits to slowly correct, the most important thing is to strengthen exercise.

It is not really advisable to use millet porridge instead of staple food to achieve weight loss.