[Does drinking juice make you fat]_Drinking juice_Getting fat_Impact

[Does drinking juice make you fat]_Drinking juice_Getting fat_Impact

Fresh juice has always been favored by many people, but often drinking these juices may actually lead to weight gain, because the sugar content in the juice is very high, and there can be more, so too much will affect the body.

1. Fresh squeezed juice is high in juice, which can easily make children fat. Because we only take fruit juice, discard the fruit residue, and add no water or ice, so three or five fruits can squeeze out a glass of juice.

Speaking of eating fruit, we may only eat one orange at a time, but if we drink orange juice, maybe two or three oranges will enter the stomach within a few minutes.

It can be said that a cup of fruit juice is agglomerated by the sugar decomposition of multiple servings of fruit. Calculated by the same amount, the transformation of fruit juice will even exceed that of soda. A glass of fresh orange juice contains 112 calories, apple juice contains 114 calories, and grape juice contains 152 calories, While the same amount of Coca-Cola contains 97 calories, Pepsi has 100 calories.

It can be seen that the instant of fruit juice exceeds what is generally considered to be a higher soda.

Such concentrated fruit-nutritious fruit juices, often drunk by children, can easily turn into fat puppies, and will make children prefer sweet foods, increasing the risk of obesity in children.

2. Freshly squeezed fruit juice has high fructose, which is not good for a large amount of fructose in cardio-cerebral vascular juice. It is easily converted into mild by the liver. University of California scientist Stanhope pointed out that a large amount of fructose absorption will increase the risk of developing hypertension and type 2 diabetes.

Researchers at the University of Denver reported at the annual meeting of the American Kidney Association that studies have found that daily intake of fructose over 74 grams will greatly increase the risk of blood pressure3. The serious loss of vitamins in freshly squeezed fruit juice can easily make the elderly constipatedMany people think that freshly squeezed fruit juice will not lose the nutrition of the fruit and is very nutritious, but after a lot of research, it is found that during the freshly squeezed process, various nutrients of the fruit will be damaged, especially the loss of vitamins contained in the fruit.

The researchers measured freshly squeezed cucumber juice, pear juice, watermelon juice, and carrot juice and found that vitamins were lost to varying degrees, with the most serious loss of 90% of the vitamins. This result is very surprising!

And through fresh squeezing, after the fruit cell wall is destroyed, vitamin C will be exposed to the air and oxidized.

Many elderly people have bad teeth. In order to supplement the vitamins in fruits, they often add some fruit juice instead of eating fruits. However, due to the large loss of vitamin C during the fresh squeeze process, and the replacement of fiber is damaged to varying degrees.You know, it’s easy to cause constipation.

4. If you really like the juice, you can also choose to squeeze fruits such as apples, pears and other skins together, or you can choose a blender instead of a fresh juice machine, which can save a part of vitamin C and add fiber.

But the best thing is to return to the fruit age and implant the nutrients in fruits.

If you consider the mouth, you can cut the fruit into delicious fruit salads.