[Chinese medicine hedgehog skin efficacy and role]_Benefits_Inevitable

[Chinese medicine hedgehog skin efficacy and role]_Benefits_Inevitable

Hedgehog is a very cute animal, but because of its appearance, many people dare not approach it. In fact, hedgehog skin is a very good Chinese medicine, and it is widely used in Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine hedgehog skin can treat blood under intestinal wind and nausea and vomiting. The effect is very obvious, but for pregnant women, it should not be taken casually because it may cause adverse reactions and is not good for the body.

1. For the treatment of blood under intestinal wind, if we have a more serious gastrointestinal disease in our lives, it may be caused by internal bleeding in our intestines.

The efficacy and role of hedgehog skin can fundamentally help to stop bleeding, and we can all be well treated for blood in the stool, uterine bleeding and other aspects of bleeding.

In general, when we are using medicine, we must remove the thorns from the hedgehog, and then add half or two of the burglar to stir-fry together, so that the effect is better.

Hedgehog skin is not suitable for pregnant women. Everyone knows that the food that pregnant women eat should be very particular, so as not to affect the health of the fetus.

2. We treat nausea and vomiting. Sometimes we have a bad appetite and nausea. At this time, in addition to using some gastrointestinal drugs, we can also make good use of hedgehog skinTreatment, in general, we burn the hedgehog skin to ash, then boil it into juice or take it with rice wine.

This recipe is derived from ancient medical books, and the effect is certainly very good.

Everyone should pay attention that hedgehog skin cannot be used with Chinese bellflower and Ophiopogon.

Because hedgehogs are wild animals, care must be taken to protect wild animals, and at the same time do not eat too much hedgehog meat. Poisoning symptoms may occur.

The functions and effects of hedgehog skin are generally played well after being made into various medicines. We can use these medicines to help regulate the body. Everyone can choose according to their own condition.And adjust the dose, but we need to pay attention to pregnant women can not take hedgehog skin, everyone must know.