Moxibustion health, a fire in the winter

Moxibustion health, “a fire” in the winter

Chinese medicine, moxibustion, acupoints, health, Chinese medicine editors: In the winter, more people choose moxibustion, one is because of moxibustion surgery, and the other is because moxibustion can bring “warm cure.”

So what are the benefits of moxibustion?

How should we operate normally?

In this issue of “Living and Health”, we invite experts to introduce you – moxibustion is a wide-ranging and easy-to-use traditional Chinese medicine technique. Moxibustion is applied to certain parts of the body – acupuncture points, which can achieve peace and blood.Meridian, the purpose of nourishing the viscera, and prolonging life, this method is also called health care moxibustion.

Why choose moxibustion?

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” believes that yang is the master of human life activities, and that people’s life is the process of yang’s strong to weak, slow consumption.

In the Song Dynasty, the doctor of the sinus thought that the aging phenomenon of the human body is related to the consumption of yang: in the later years, people will have yang deficiency and the hands and feet will not be warm, and the movement will be difficult; or the phenomenon that the lower coke is weak and affects the husband and wife life.

And think that moxibustion helps the body’s yang function to integrate medicinal herbs and aconite.

Thousands of years of clinical practice have proven that moxibustion is a good way to “treat the disease.”

First of all, because of its time.

Moxibustion requires one-on-one operation, which takes a long time to operate and is suitable for operation at home.

In essence, it is suitable for its effectiveness.

The moxibustion method is an external treatment method of traditional Chinese medicine. In addition to the characteristics of easy availability and flammability, it also has a significant drug effect, that is, the warming power of moxibustion acts on the local acupoints of the human body, and then the drug is replaced by the meridian.Into the body, infiltrate the classics, penetrate the bones, reconcile the camp.

Finally, because of its outstanding efficacy.

The moxibustion method has the functions of strengthening the righteousness and eliminating evil spirits, clearing the collaterals and relieving pain, eliminating phlegm and stasis, eliminating phlegm and stasis, warming and dispelling cold, replenishing the qi, lowering the yang, and returning to the sun to save the reversal.

In addition to the clinical evidence passed down from generation to generation, a large number of modern clinical practice has once again verified that moxibustion can regulate human blood lipids and whole blood viscosity, triggering cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as elevated blood lipids and arteriosclerosis; activate visceral function and coordinate substance metabolismIt can improve the body’s dysfunction and enhance the body’s disease resistance; regulate the neuroendocrine function, promote the body’s metabolism, and maintain the balance of the body’s immunity.

How does moxibustion work correctly?

As a home health care, moxibustion generally has two methods of operation: 1.

Handheld mild moxibustion.

Ignite one end of the moxa stick, aiming at the acupuncture points, about 2 cm from the skin?
About 3 cm, the smoke treatment, the distance varies from person to person, so that the local has a warm feeling without burning pain, generally 15 minutes per moxibustion?
20 minutes, to the skin appears redness, according to personal circumstances can be extended to 30 minutes?
40 minutes.


Moxibustion frame mild moxibustion method.

Use the moxibustion frame to support the ignited moxa stick, aim at the moxibustion acupuncture point, fix it on the human body part, and carry out the fumigation, so that the local has a warm feeling without burning.

The moxibustion sequence: “The Golden Essentials” said: “Where the moxibustion is the first yang and the yin, the words go from head to left and gradually, and then go from head to right and gradually.

“When treatment, you should first treat the yang, and then treat the yin; first treat the back, then the treatment; first treat the upper part, then the lower part of the treatment; first treat the headache, then treat the limbs.

What conditions are not suitable for moxibustion?


Thin skin, less muscle parts are not suitable for moxibustion; pregnant women’s lumbosacral, lower abdomen; male and female nipples, genitals, testes, etc. are not suitable for moxibustion; joint parts are not suitable for moxibustion.

In addition, large blood vessels, heart parts, eyeballs and other parts are not suitable for moxibustion.


Extreme fatigue, thirst, fullness, drunkenness, sweating, emotional instability, certain infectious diseases, high fever, coma, smoking, or extreme exhaustion, or people without self-control ability, such as mental illness patientsAll avoid bogey.


A doctor confirms a disease or symptom that is not suitable for moxibustion.

Chinese medicine, moxibustion, acupoints, health, Chinese medicine to replace what acupuncture points?

When it comes to selecting acupuncture points, you must first introduce to you the health care moxibustion in the Song Dynasty.
In the Song Dynasty, the royal aristocracy and the civilians all attached great importance to medicine. The Song Dynasty people also generally recognized that “patients use their own moxibustion at home”
, which also promoted the popularization of moxibustion health care in later generations.

For example, Wang Zhizhong, a medical scientist in the Song Dynasty, advocated the treatment of patients at home in the “Acupuncture and Moxibustion Sutra”, which found a convenient way for patients to “treat the disease” and also played a vital role in the spread of moxibustion.

The book records some cases of self-treatment of patients, such as moxibustion and acupoints can treat nosebleeds, headaches and other symptoms: “Third · Defects”: “There are soldiers who suffer from nasal discharge, and teach them to moxibustion.”
Some people have suffered from head wind for a long time, and this is the point of moxibustion. For example, moxibustion Shenshu point can treat men’s dreams of nocturnal emission: “Third kidney deficiency”: “There are young people who are young and have dreams of dreams.”

For the point of Shenshu soreness, it makes the moxibustion more and more; such as moxibustion, large intestine Yu can treat abdominal pain and diarrhea, and then urgency and heavy (Note: finger pain is relieved urgently, always wants to be, anus is heavy, it will be uncomfortable):”Three intestine pain” in the “old cockroaches in the large intestines often rushed after heavy, very bitter . this strange disease also.

In order to make it hurt by the large intestine, it is more and more.

In addition to the common Zusanli, Dazhui, here are a few acupuncture points that are easy to find and have health effects: body column, Sanyinjiao, sinus.

Body column: located in the depression of the third thoracic spinous process.

Dazhui (located in the depression of the 7th cervical spine, which is the depression of the highest point of the cervical spine when sitting down), several consecutive lower vertebral depressions, there is Tongyang qi, hurricane fever, QingxinNing Shen, the effect of lowering the anti-cough, has a strong health effect on children; suitable for children with weak constitution, easy to cough and long-term illness.

Sanyinjiao: 3 inches above the inside, above the back edge of the epiphysis.

Good for the essence, Shengjin, blood, adjust the spleen and stomach, adjust the red, strengthen the spleen and stomach, the effect of the fire.

Applicable to female diseases, such as dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation and so on.

Sinus: Located in the outer part of the chest of the human body, when the 5th intercostal space is 6 inches from the front centerline.

“Bian Yu Xin Shu” believes that the sinus acupoint belongs to the spleen and can “get the spleen and infuriate and treat 36 kinds of spleen diseases.

When all the diseases are heavy, there is still a real gas. Moxibustion is two or three hundred strong, and it can be guaranteed not to die.

All major diseases are splendid and are treated.

Covering the spleen is the mother of the five internal organs, the root of the day after tomorrow, belonging to the earth, and growing all things.

If the temper is in, although the disease is not even dead, this method is extremely tested.”

The specific operation method of the above acupoints: directly smoke the acupuncture points with moxa sticks, and the moxa sticks have a certain distance from the skin, which is enough for 5 cm, and can be adjusted according to the individual’s tolerance to heat.

Excessive 15 minutes per operation?
For 20 minutes, with local flushing, you can have a slight sweat.

Chinese medicine, moxibustion, acupoints, health, Chinese medicine knowledge small lectures Q: Why did the ancients choose wormwood and moxibustion?

A: The records of wormwood in ancient literature have long existed. People in the process of production and life found that wormwood is flammable and has certain warming effect and efficacy.

For example, in the Western Jin Dynasty, Zhang Hua’s “History of the Museum” records: “Icing the ice to make a round, and to the sun, to Ai Chengying, then get fire.

“Ai Ye as a drug officially recorded in Nan Liang Tao Hongjing’s “Medical Doctors”, the book made a more comprehensive alternative to Ai Ye’s theory of medicine: “Ai Ye, bitter, lukewarm, non-toxic.”

The main moxibustion is a disease, can be fried, stop sputum, vomiting blood . live muscle, avoid the cold, make people have children.

Harvested on March 3, violently.

. Ai, raw cold and hot, the main blood, blood stasis, pus and blood stasis, boiled and pills scattered.

“Q: Now, many of the moxa packaging will be printed with the words “three years Chen Ai” and “five years Chen Ai”.

How is Aijo divided by registration?

How should I choose and identify?

A: The moxa stick is made from the moxa leaves after drying.

According to the results of the current experimental research, the longer the storage time of the moxa, the more difficult the volatile components, these ingredients are the active ingredients in moxibustion.

Therefore, the grade of moxa is closely related to the purity of the moxa and the storage time.

The cashmere grade has a ratio of 5:1, 8:1, 20:1, 30:1, and the ratio refers to the purity of the extract of Artemisia argyi.

For example, 5:1 is 5 kg of Ai Ye extract 1 kg of cashmere, 30:1 is 30 kg of Ai Ye extract 1 kg of cashmere, this is the grade of Ai Rong.

The grade improves the purity of the cashmere and the less impurities.

The article indicates the above scale and is derived from the pharmacy, indicating that the quality of the goods is guaranteed.

Chinese medicine pays attention to the origin, Li Yanwen in the Ming Dynasty, Li Shizhen and his son are very profound in the study of Ai Ye.

The top grade in Ai Rong is from Li Shizhen’s hometown Hunchun.
Li Yanwen once wrote a volume of “Ai Chuan”. According to the existing literature research, this book is the first monograph for Ai Ye, and has been lost.

In the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, Li Shizhen has a detailed description of the plant morphology of Ai Ye, and discusses and corrects the viewpoint that the former people pointed out that Ai Ye cold and Ai Ye are poisonous, and attached a single prescription for the treatment of Ai Ye.

He is very respectful of the local medicinal materials, Ai Ai. He pointed out in the “Compendium of Materia Medica” that Ai Ye “has been a self-contained person, but he has won with the people of Zhangzhou, using the fillings, and the world is heavy.The moxibustion jar is not transparent, and the moxibustion is straightforward and different.

This description was later regarded as a classic about the Ai Ai and was reprinted by many medical clinics.
Chinese medicine, moxibustion, acupoints, health, Chinese medicine precautions Do not use if the following conditions occur in the moxa.


Because the cashmere is easy to absorb moisture, mildew, moldy moxibustion strips have moldy smell, the gas after burning has a transformed musty smell. If you use this moxibustion strip, it will cause headache and dizziness in a short time.body.


Non-cotton paper packaging.

Because poor quality paper is harmful to the body.


Contains impurities such as dust and branch splitting.

The moxa stick contains impurities, which may cause deflagration, burn the skin and damage the meridians.

Re-recognizing the “common sense” role of moxibustion As a health care and treatment, moxibustion is recognized by different levels of audience, but there are some “common sense” content that needs to be re-recognized.


Moxibustion uses a screw.

It is not just that the weather is getting warmer before moxibustion can be applied. Like the three-volt sticker, the three-volt moxibustion has a similar effect.


Moxibustion taboos.

In the normal state, in the state of health care, the taboo of moxibustion really needs to be taken seriously.

However, when moxibustion is used as a treatment, moxibustion can be selected without considering the conventional use method, some local foaming moxibustion, or some acute diseases.

However, it must be operated by a doctor or under the guidance of a doctor.



It is said that “the person with yin deficiency” should not be moxibustion.

The results of experimental studies suggest that moxibustion can also achieve a certain therapeutic effect on patients with such syndromes.

For this situation, an expert consults a professional doctor and makes a choice.

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