Sichuan launched "Gigabit City" creation work around seven aspects

Original title: Sichuan launched the first batch of "Gigabit City" creation work July 21, the reporter learned from the Sichuan Provincial Communications Administration, recently, the Provincial Communications Administration and the Provincial Department of Transport jointly issued "About carrying out Sichuan Province 2021 Gigabit Notice of Urban Assessment Work, fully launched the first batch of "Gigabit City" creation work.

The creation work will focus on the following seven aspects: urban Gigabit fiber network coverage, urban 10G-PON port proportion, 5G network access rate, 5G base station, 500Mbps and above users , 5G users, "double Gigabit" application innovation, etc. The "Double Gigabit" network composed of 5G and Gigabit Nurse is an important part of the new infrastructure and the carrying base, which has become an important manifestation of urban comprehensive strength and core competitiveness. In recent years, Sichuan has actively implemented strategies such as "network strong provinces" "Digital Sichuan", and vigorously promoted the development of "double Gigabit" network construction.

In the first half of 2021, the province has built a 5G base station, 10,000 passive light network (10G-PON) and above ports 2.133 million, Chengdu national Internet backbone line with a wide range of 900Gbps, realize all townships and above Optical access capability. 5G end users 19.28 million, Gigabit broadband users reached 1.39 million households.

The province’s "Double Gigabit" network foundation is further consolidated, and all indicators rank all over the country. Some cities have "Gigabit City" conditions.

Next, Sichuan will focus on the "Gigabit City" goal, deepen the "Double Gigabit" network collaborative deployment, build a Gigabit industry virtual private network construction benchmark, speed up the "Double Gigabit" network in industrial, transportation, energy, education, Medical, urban management, emergency protection and other industries integrate innovation applications, cultivate "double Gigabit" industry ecology chain, guide to support a group of provinces with conditions in provinces to advance to the "Gigabit City" ranks, guided the formation of perfect, supply and demand Promote, innovative integration, application rich "double Gigabit" construction application new situation. (Sichuan Daily Full Media Reporter Tang Zevin) (Editor: Luo Wei, Zhanghua Wei) Share let more people see.