Strive to capture the prevention and control of epidemic and economic and social development "double victory"

  On November 15th, Xianhui, deputy secretary of the Autonomous Region, Chairman Xianhui to some project construction site, investigate major project construction and epidemic prevention and control work, emphasizing to learn from the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party, in accordance with the party committee, government in accordance with the autonomous region Work deployment, cautiously do a good job in the epidemic prevention and control, close attention to major projects, struggling to capture the prevention and control of epidemic prevention and economic and social development "double victory."

  The construction site of the emergency department of the Chinese Medicine Hospital of the Autonomous Region and the Inheritance Innovation Project of Chinese Medicine In full swing, more than 150 construction workers are working in an orderly manner. "What is the influence of the epidemic? When can I pay for?" Xianhui came to the construction site, detailed understanding of construction progress, epidemic prevention and control, etc. Good construction safety, speed up the construction of construction, strive to make it early, have been built early, early shipment, and better meet the people’s medical treatment needs. Xianhui said, Chinese medicine wisdom, Chinese medicine power plays an important role in the treatment of new coronag pneumonia, to accelerate high-quality development of traditional Chinese medicine industry, strengthen the transformation of clinical achievements, rich drug supply, strengthen Chinese medicine applications, and effectively put the advantages of Ningxia Chinese herbal medicine Transforming into development advantages, medical advantages, and treatment advantages, let the masses look good at home, eat good Chinese medicine.

  At the on-site project of the People’s Hospital of the Autonomous Region, Xianhui listened to the hospital’s report, with the head of the construction unit, in-depth exchange, carefully inquire about project planning, engineering construction, construction site management, etc. Xianhui said that since the outbreak of the epidemic, the medical institution has done a lot of effective work, but it also exposes some short boards and lacks. On the basis of continuing to do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, the project is used as an anti-epidemic shortboard. Important carrier of the treatment system, strictly control the safety level, the quality, progress, honest custom, and strive to build a national first-class major epidemic treatment base, and achieve dual increase in daily diagnosis and emergency response ability. "When is the completion acceptance?" Xianhui walked into the Dingxia Art Hall Exhibition Hall, concerned about the progress of the project, indicating that there is a problem, emphasizing the need to take into account the cultural artistic and ideological education, and overture the construction of the venue, improve the supporting equipment, optimize the design , Improve service functions, planning in advance, launch a batch of characteristic, taste, have depth large-scale exhibition, and effectively build a modern art museum with Ningxia characteristics, professional standards, first-class levels, and constantly enrich the spiritual cultural life of the masses. . Investigating Sino-Qihui stressed, the end of the year, the tasks of various tasks were arduous.

All localities must firmly seize the remaining more than 40 days, overturbed the prevention and control, economic development, safety production, people’s livelihood improvement, ecological environmental protection, etc. The annual target task, ensuring the "14th Five-Year Plan", play a good step. Yang Peijun, Vice Chairman of the Autonomous Region, took the investigation.

(Ningxia Daily Reporter Monday Qing).