Summon! Who is the "鹇" trip to?

 In the tourist resort in the forest park in Lushan National Forest Park in Jiangxi Province, there is a special elderly. He has a group of friends into friends, as long as a few sounds of the call of the forest, the white horses are coming.

 The old man named Liu Ting River, is the security of Lushan Tourism Resort. In order to be friends with white, let them have peace of mind, Liu Tinghe has been patiently observing and taking care of white, and often feeds them. Gradually, Bai Yan eliminated the heart of Liu Tinghe.

In the past few years, this group of white horses, as long as he heard the call of Liu Tinghe, he will come to him. After the careful care of the old man, the white-ranking family has increased from the beginning to the current hundred, which has become the most accomplished thing in his heart.

 In this forest, the old man with birds, people with nature have become another beautiful landscape here. Shot: Tan Yunli Chen Yuling Mongwang (Correspondent) Production: Wang Xiaosheng Sabell: Dayu County Rong Media Center Xinhuanet Jiangxi Channel.