Temperature of home ink

High foreign painting "Multi-Fu Map". Falsen. The exhibition has attracted friends from Guizhou, Liuzhou, Chengdu, Nanning and other places, fans. "This time, I feel the enthusiasm of my hometown, I am really moving and grateful.

"Gao Hong is very happy.

In the "Seminated Seminar" Seminar of the Old – Higaho ‘s Hometown, dozens of artists discussed around the artistic characteristics and artistic achievements around the high.

"Gao Hong’s painting and calligraphy are more old, this is the height of many old artists.

This is the result of cultivating, diligence and God.

"China Book Association Consultant, Vice Chairman of Guizhou Province, Chairman of Guizhou Book Association] said that the local artist needs such exchanges, thank you for rewarding home with your own work.

"Gao Hong has a lot of influence in Liuzhou and even Guangxi, Guiyang City and Liuzhou City as her first hometown and second hometown, high foreign bridges are two places." Liuzhou CPPCC original deputy secretary general Lin Dong hopes to work in the past two places in the future. Yang Chang, secretary general of the Guizhou Provincial Department of the Book of Book, believes that high-aluminum works brings a fresh style.

Zhu Jun, chairman of Guiyang Book Association, said that the exhibition works well pinned and reflects the status of the author. Everyone also impressed the exhibition. The curator is a young artist.

He said that the exhibition is an old-fashioned, this is an artist who is far from hometown from the youth, and drifting for many years.

(Guiyang Daily Rong Media reporter Liu Huiwen / Figure).