Time construction and release model room to create Binjiang North New Chinese Terminal

The People’s Network Changsha November 15 Recently, the Times and the Times of the Modern Millennium, which launched a Chinese-style Chinese house with approximately 110-210m2. This time, the model has a classic 2 + 1 room, which is approximately 142m2 wide views, 3 + 1 room, the establishment of approximately 182m2 luxury 3 + 1 room and the establishment of approximately 210m2 4 + 1 room, aiming to create a new Chinese benchmark in the North Jiangbei North. "The new Chinese housing launched from paying attention to the comfort of the home, to pay attention to the growth cycle of the total family, from the charity experience, to the home life, spatial scale, all over the elevated human design." And the marketing manager Zhang Ying introduced, and adhering to the "Confucian Garden, Tang Fenghua Tattoo", combined with the deep thick cultural vendor, with the Chinese culture as the main shaft, condensed the "one axis four hospitals" atmospheric pattern, create The respective gift system of the three into the home, reproduces the traditional Oriental humanity. At the same time, and with the number 3 of Xiangjiang Xincheng Station, Subway No. 4, seamlessly connected subway line 12 (planning) Moon Island West Station, three stop subway Can Dibin River Business Circle, fast commuter fisherman’s pier, Xiangjiang FFC The Captain Center is convenient for residents’ convenience. Within 100 meters, Changsha public leader famous school – Changshi Bilingual Bai Shihu Middle School, Teacher University of China Star City Experiment A small and other three schools; inner, Wangcheng ranked first middle school – Teacher Da Jiazhongxing City Middle School, teacher The two small schools in Daixing Zhongxing City, the Jin Yizhen Primary School, Lin Li, Jing Xiangxiang, guarding the dream of Xiaoxiang. The Times of the Times and the China Real Estate Double 50 – "Life Artist" Times and "New Chinese Bier" construction two developers teamed up, using the real estate experience in Changsha, forward-looking Changsha City development context, occupying Binjiang The northern core sector is built in the real estate. (Zhang Ying) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Luo Shuai) Sharing Let more people see the client download.