The quiet small courtyard in the next day is very busy.

Niu Niu looked like a small person who is socially connected.,I think that I only in the street.
Deeply suspicious that he is not a flower that day.!Otherwise, eat beans and flowers to eat the brain.!
Ye Xunning is a good demonstration.,Sitting on the chair of the regulations。
No matter what the Su family asks him,It is silently nodded,Then no longer have a slow reply。
Talking most is that two brothers have their own things.
Su family knows that their martial arts have become,Do homework and serious
Because the old two old three is not often mentioned at home.,Sujia people heard the taste of Jinjin
“grandfather,What do you think of this?”
Zhou’s side is from the kitchen。
Ye Xunning’s words just got a head,Be interrupted。
“Xia Ning,What did you just say??”
“nothing,Is it necessary to eat??”
”Um,time to eat!so long,Hungry!”
“Niu Niu took some little greet to eat,Still now!Not too hungry!”
You can know from the name of several people,Ye Xunning mixed how successful!
“That’s all the girls yourself.,Flavor is also!We also like to eat two pieces when we are fine.!If you love to eat,Waiting for you to go back!”
“Thank you.!This hasty,Did not bring something!I will bring you some delicious snacks.!”
“no, I’m fine,The farmer is the least shortcomings.!”
“Grandpa is relieved.,It is also your own,Moneyless!”
“That feeling!Let’s eat first.!”
“I know you,In order to prepare some food!Crude tea,Please also take more!” Su family is particularly grateful for his care for some children.。
“No,These dishes look very good!so much,I can’t eat at noon today.!”
Ye Xunning always smiles。
Dinner table,In addition to the little thoughts
“This is, but my sister’s family gives you a clip.!”
Others are very good
Sujia’s chicken legs have always been minced and stewed.,This time is a lot of extravagance.