Menach is still too far from the distance of the first spring.,Even if her current can attack the distance,There is a possibility of accidental injury,So the United States and I have to endure it.。

“Handle!”Flanga finally couldn’t bear it,Roade your hand, take a few missiles,I don’t know that from there.,Directly went out in the direction of the girl,at the same time,Freeli is also quietly integrated into the space.。
Girl laughs,The whole person jumped backwards,The missile exploded directly from the previous place.,Another dramatic sound,And the first spring is not left in the same place.,Instead, it is flying directly by girls.,Look at it carefully,The whole spring is suspended in half air。
“Don’t worry。”Female crisp smile,“Now you have thought of mastering advantage,You think that you only have a goal.?”
A goal?Meiqin is slightly confused,But I didn’t notice,When I heard this sentence,Franida and Fuffmea have a sudden change。
Don’t she be here??
“Original this, is it used to use it?。”The girl’s next words, let the native shocked,“I didn’t expect that I was forced by you.,It’s really disordered.。”
Give me?Meiqin is first,But next,When another appears,Meiqin’s eyes suddenly red,A burst of the substantive anger from her eyes crazy!
Behind the girl,The same figure as the first spring appeared,It was tied with a black, like a rope.,Women’s faces and namines have eight%,It seems that only 20 years old,Everyone can see her relationship with Meiqin at a glance.。
She is not someone else,It is Miqin’s mother,Yumu Mei Ling!
“asshole!”Flancial flashing,But I have to stop the attack in my hand.,Because she knows,Even if Freel is here,In an instant of attacking an attack,I can only save a person.,if that’s the case,This action is completely failed.!
At this moment,One seems to break the horror of the nine ruthless thunder,then,In a blue arc like a mad dragon,Tea hair is fiercely galloping from the other side of the alley,Her amber scorpion is full of anger,A loud noise,The black shadow bundled with Meiling and the early spring is directly smashed by dramatic current.。
“Handle!”Franda,Anger,Freel is flashing directly to another,I grabbed the first spring of her.。
“It seems that you have chosen her.!”Rao is so critical,Girls still don’t worry,Even the voice is still a touch of smilling,“Since this,Ms. Meiling,This is no wonder me.!”
“Be blame”The voice of the girl is strong,“You have seen the little piano that is not saved.!”
“Do not!”Meiqin’s scream,But she and Mei Ling’s distance and the knife in the hands of the girl.,There is also a big distance。
at this time,A huge object suddenly falls from the sky,Directly heavy to the top of the girl,A girl exclaimed,The whole person is like transient,Directly flashing,Next moment,A tea red double horsetail appears out,I grabbed Yumu Mei Ling,Then I disappeared directly in the original place.。
Second after a second,The wheelchair is over the ground.,The dramatic sound of the issuance makes everyone shocked。
“Kuroko!”Meiqin has grown up,I am unexpected surprise in my eyes.!
“you”Girls wearing a black robe get up from the ground,But she has not waited for actions.,The whole person suddenly retired,It seems that suddenly the machine is screwed.,Stream of stiffness。
One of the eyes of everyone’s eyes,When looking up at the sky,Everyone stayed。
Sun,Fall down!
Dramatic orange golden rays,The white white clothes are fluttering,The brother’s face is cold, like a cold ice.,Feel cold。
(This chapter is over)
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Like the sun-shaped radiant,Juvenile face is cold as frost。
“Trough!Qing Palace is crazy?!”Flans looks at the sky blazing orange golden rays,Suddenly exclaimed,“Is this going to kill the person directly??”
“Go away!”Meiqin, despite it very angry, the girl holding his mother.,But see the Qing Palace to use such a huge power of such a huge move to attack the enemy,It is still a big shock,I hurriedly shouted that everyone left,At the same time, the current is in the air.,Flashing after fierce。
Fuffmeia with a coma’s early spring and Flanda suddenly flashed in space cracks,The black child is also slightly narrowed,With Meiling, I disappeared directly in the original place.。
Next second,Huge tangerine light ball crashed on the girl’s body!
The thing that makes everyone is horrified.,The girl’s black robes were burned out.,The face inside is not human face,But a black,There is a terrible face of five officials!