He has a sense of playing with Yahua.、Illusion master,Naturally, there is no awareness of this type of attack.。

Who knows that actually。
“I am afraid that I am thinking about the snow in http://www.lyrxjf.cnour imagination.。”
Han Jiang said in a blink of Fuhua:“Don’t think so much,Even if it is the fake,I feel that if I encounter,She will do this。”
The illusion of Han Jiang really entered the recognition of the law of knowledge was when he explained to Cheng Lixue.,At that time, I won’t be the block of Kaya.,When you fight injuries, you have to stop him.。
Hanjiang’s mind is put on Cheng Li,That is,The law of identifying him into the illusion。
Originally, Hanjiang wanted to enter the deep place,This is a sympathy。
Even if it is a Kales,Maybe the same result。
However, Kai is now gone.,The law of identity affects his spirit in the battle,Drag into the illusion is still unlikely。
“Are you broken here??”Han Jiang asked。
Fuhua shook his head,“I only have a mental illusion,The ability to use is only this feathers。”
“I want the field space of the law of the jade.,It is impossible at all。”
“Then what should we do now??”Han Jiang asked。
Fuhua is silent for a while,Say:“Since she is arranged under the illusion,Maybe we want to see what,Let’s walk first.。”
By now,Han Jiang also doesn’t know how to do it.,Can only take a step。
Waiting in this fantasy,Han Jiang can feel that his spirit is strengthened at a little bit.。
But this kind of strengthening less poor,Convert to specifically digital,Each increase is a few hundred after decimal point,About equal。
This is the power of the system,However, the system’s ability has been fully integrated into his body.,So there is no voice prompt.。
“I remember there is a small village in front.,Let’s take a look.。”Fuhua point forward。
Han Jiang has no objection,Just asked:“There are villages in the village of Taiyu mountains before five hundred years ago.?”
Virgin:“Only one or two hundred people,Later, because of traffic inconvenience,All moved to the small town under the mountain。”
Chapter 569 Wu’http://www.chengxuhuajiaoyi.cn s disdainful
Han Jiang is thinking:“Back on the big tree,This is the truth。”
“what are you talking about?”
What is the case of Hua Hua Wan not thinking about Hanjiang’s head?。
“No,Nothing。”Han Jiang pointed to the front:“Let’s take a look.。”
Many ways to crack illusion,But now Han Jiang is unable to do it.。
The first is to prepare in advance,Fuhua’s mental assessment of Hanjiang today,As long as the preparation in advance,Even fear of feather dust opens the second rated power 100% state,Can’t pull him into the environment。
The second point is wrong into illusion,Psychotropical is double the manufacturer。