And their goals are most Chinese。

Because Chinese rich,Not high,Students are more,Small。
of course there are exceptions,Just like these gang members,Some age is not big,Dare to get off,Unable dayless teen。
“We don’t know her.……”
See this scene,Zhang Wenli quickly explained in English,But not finished,The woman hiding behind him loudly.。
“And they say that these are useless,let’s go together,Go to the hotel,They don’t dare to do。”
Narrate,Summer means a deep-end woman,I immediately walked up.。
See this scene,A woman。
Zhang Wenli and Hu Li Li are also wrong,Follow,Two people have an anxious and dissatisfied expression between the looks。
Their intention is a resort,I didn’t expect that the summer will really go out.。
This guy is an assistant,Facing these unable guys,Purely looking for abuse。
Think here,Two people quickly looked at Luo Qianjin,I want to let her tell the summer not to mess.。
But the next moment,It’s a miserable call in the field.,The two do not help but,Lower consciousness,Suddenly stayed on the spot。
I saw this quiet and quiet.,Under his feet,Several teenagers rolled over,One, a frightened,Tangible。
Not only them,The woman hiding behind a few people,Also widened,The scorpion flashed a shock。
Just now she looks clear,The few teenages after seeing the summer,Just want to open threats,But by a punch in the summer.。
Between,Although there is no beautiful sense of beauty,But the terrible power is simply not shocking。
“Hybrid!You dare to do?”
One of the teenagers stood up.,Continuously,But he did not finish,I saw a lot of scent in the eyes of summer.,Raise arms,A note on the mouth of this person。
A crisp,Along with painful mourning。
Everyone saw it in his eyes,This guy flies from the ground by a punch.,One blood mixed with a few teeth, splashing。
This punch,Impressed everyone,Really terrible。
The family is heavy on the ground,Constantly roll,Send a voice of pigs。
The rest of the person sees a scene,A large change in the face,叽 噜 大 大,Stand up and hold the head。
After they fled,Those who are far away from hiding,Have an emergence。
Although I haven’t come over,But there are many people who have rushed through the thumbs up in the summer.。
Summer retreats back,Nodded by Zhang Wenli and Hu Li Li,“Let it go。”
“what?it is good,go,let’s go。”
The two immediately woke up,It’s just a little quirky.。
“Wow,handsome guy,Hello you are。”
And the pretty woman who will be a blockman,The same face of worship,“Thank you for saving me.,I will definitely repay your。”
“Need not。”
Summer, I am glad.,Shake your head,Continue to walk。
“Hey,Don’t go,Wait for me。”
See him,The woman bites his lips,Hurred and chased it up and stopped everyone.,“My name is Luo Mei,handsome guy,Those people are still around,you,Can you send me back??”