But that is the avenue.!

The long river is flooding。
Avenue,Trimming into the avenue,Indifferent。
The muanxo people who are being preached are noticeable.,It means it’s nothing to do.,Continue to preach。
Although it is clearly the Yinyang Avenue of Changbu First,But it is not important.。
Hydroelectric avenue replaced by this,No reason to let go。
Tao Xuan Dao people completely forgot the role of Tianhe Fragrance。
Not to mention,Chang You has driven Tianhe ancestors from the mortuary,Today, I have been replaced by the Tianhe French.,have to say,In the middle,Self-style。
This period of causality,Long eye is not counted。
He keeps hit Yinyang Avenue,Make the final effort,Even if you have already desperate,I don’t know anything about this.。
again and again。
Qingtian blood。
Lushan Jianzong’s hills are completely resentful,The ancient hate is endless。
No disciples are long and dare to close。
Everyone is worried about the anatology of the long eyebrows.,But this situation,I can’t think of filial piety.。
Regret,Deeply regret。
Seeing the resentment,Hateful。
Have the elderly advocate the ban。
This is not close,But it is helpless choice。
Gu Qing shadow, you will fall slowly.,Unknown,She decided to fight,Enter the depths of the mountain,Probe into the ancestral situation。
She has this,Have to let http://www.yaliliangjing.cn the old disciples admire。
Although Gu Qingying did not enter the magic,Show the resistance to the magic,But the resentment of the hill is terrible,If you go in,It is inevitable that there will be no accidents。
Can Gu Qingying’s mind。
Ladies and old disciples,Still, I watched Gu Qingying and entered the mountain.。
They have to admire the young master.。
However, Gu Qingying is not coming.,They still have to choose a new host.。
End robbery,Everyone is self-dangerous,Can only look forward,Do more。
In this case,Lushan Jianzong does not dare to ask foreign aid。
Now this situation,Ask foreign aids, maybe the Swordsman swallowed。
They can only unite,Anti-robbery。
There are still many old disciples hope that Gu Qingying can successfully find the ancestor.,Ancestor,Resentment of the ancestors from http://www.v0457.cn continuing。
Otherwise, Lushan has always been responsible for the demon satellite.,Finally, I will not be able to fall in the demon.,It seems that the hunter of the end of the day is gider by the geese.。

Lushan Jianzong,Back mountain。