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First1384Chapter I am your never masked fiance.
Facing youth seemingly concerned smile,San Yuetian is some disgusting,“Qianjiang,Where do I seem to be around you?。”
Qianjiang face is stiff,But the smile is more rich.,“Month,You play a little bit of temper.。”
San Yue Tian smiled,But not。
“Month,Come with me,I will take you to meet a few young Junjie in the ancient military border.。”
For the attitude of San Yuetian,Qianjiang is uncomfortable,After saying this sentence,I http://www.yiyangfangchanwang.cn deliberately smashed a summer,Also,“And these people who don’t have three people are mixed with you, there is nothing benefit.,It is some people who have a purpose to you.,Nothing to have any kindness。”
“Qianjiang!How do you talk?,What is your heart?,I thought I didn’t know.。Still not to get me!”
Qianjiang did not expect San Yue to give face,It turned out to say this.。
But he is not a common man.,I nodded and nodded,“Be right,I like you,Because when you are elevenous years old,We will know,From then, I liked you.。”
After the end,He doesn’t have a roost.,But looking to the summer,Goddess,“Friend,Please let,I have to sit here.。”
I heard this sentence,Instead, it is San Yuetian.,Looking at Qianjiang。
And people who pay attention to this are also listening to him.,Improved。
But in the eyes of the summer, it is full of play and ridicule.。
They don’t know summer,But don’t hinder watching lively。
Qianjiang is not the people in the ancient http://www.szcrogkvrgfuqj.cn martial art,It is from the north ancient Wu Shijia money home。
This time, with powerful personal strength,After joining the three education,As a captain of the first brigade of law enforcement,It can be described as a step。
Summer looks,Why isn’t it like the background?。
Even in some of the eyes of some ancient martial arts,Secular,Isn’t really nothing?。
“You have to sit here?”Summer looked at him。
“Be right。”Qianjiang is gave up,Horn horns,“How,You don’t want?”
Summer is very happy to nod。
More than Qianjiang Yi,It is surrounded by those who are here too disappointed.,It blinks in the eyes。
In their opinion,Even if summer is afraid of Qianjiang,How can I do it?,After all, so many people look。
I didn’t expect this guy to have such a while.。
“Huh。”Qianjiang laughs http://www.yuanpanshazhi.cn up,Some proud,I flash in my eyes,“I like to know the time……”
Not finished,It was interrupted by the summer.。
“You want me to let the seat can。”Summer putting down the wine glass,“Give money。”
Give……Give money?
Qianjiang’s smile converges,“Friend,What do you mean?。”