9:30 in the evening。

Wang Flow and Zhao Zhi have been drifting the car to the car.,Time is just right。
Zhao Zhi has been,Find a cafe in a familiar door,I just sat down,The door came in again,Zhao Zhidi suddenly lit,Hurred and hurry up and struck。
Wang traffic is in the heart,I know that it is the master.,I saw a look in line,Then the eyes,Then I suddenly became happy.,Even if you take a line to Xicheng Branch,He also said that he also said,This is not responsible for the case of Song Chengzhi.,I went to the hospital last night to ask the criminal police captain of his words.,Be called Zheng……What is coming?
“Likelihood,You are a busy man,How have you have time to see me??Is it rare enough?。”Zheng Tao also saw Zhao Zhi,I walked over。
“I am busy too, I am busy.,Also overtime。”Zhao Zhihe followed the ridicule,Then refer to the king,road:“Tell you a friend,My old country,Wang Li Wang。”
Say it,Refers to Zheng Tao Road:“This is what I said with you.,My friend Zheng Tao。”
“Zheng captain,Hello,I am a http://www.paulight.cn king,We have seen it in the hospital last night.。”Wang traffic laughs and reaches his hand。
Zheng Tao looked at him,Slightly thinking about it:“It is you,How is your friend??”
King:“Have awakened,Temporarily getting dangerous,Unexpected,Life should be saved。”
Zheng Tao nodded:“That’s good。”
Looking at the two people who have just introduced,Zhao Zhi Tong Road:“Feelings, you are the same.。”
Kid:“Last night, my friend got an accident.,Zheng captain is responsible for this case,See one side。”
Zhao Zhi Tong:“Happened,Since I have seen it,Don’t be studied,All sit,If you have any questions you talk?。”
Zheng Tao sits on the edge of the eye.:“how,Wang is looking for me.?”
The words have been challenged,The king did not hide,Sorry directly:“Just for my friend’s case,In the afternoon, I have http://www.canyinb.cn asked a lawyer to have learned.,I heard that the murderer took the responsibility to her body.,It is not willing to explain that Hu Jingliang is?”
Zheng Tao:“Be right,This kid is really hard.,How to trial,Otherwise, I don’t have to work overtime.,I have to go back and go back.。”
No wonder I have seen it here.,This is to have a coffee,Waiting for it, go back to night, then liver.……Wang traffic suddenly,Ambient:“Zheng captain,Does this matter have a relationship with Hu Jingliang??”
Zheng Tao Road:“I don’t feel unimportant.,Key to see evidence,Inference from the case,Hu Jingliang is really large,But if the murderer does not make up,No evidence,Infinitely inference is also white。”
Wang Flow asked:“That Zheng captain,Can you open the murderer??”
“I will work hard,But look at the attitude of the murderer……”Zheng Tao http://www.reiqilong.cn face slightly lighter:“I am afraid that it is very difficult。”
“I have a way.,Maybe you can help Zheng Captain,Murderer’s mouth。”Wang traffic。
Zheng Tao eyebrows,Look at the king:“any solution?”
Wang traffic:“Hu Jingliang, I find someone to check,Be open in the casino,After that, I opened the bath center.、nightclub,There are more illegal places,If Zheng captain can bring someone to seize his venue,After the people and after,Can be detained by Hu Jingliang。
The reason why the murderer is not unreasoning,It’s nothing more than I feel Hu Jingliang.,He is in prison,Hu Jingliang will not depend on him,Can even find a relationship,Put him in advance。
But if he own itself, it is difficult to protect,Can the murderer still hard to resist him??”
“Will not,For self-protection,The murderer probability will directly confess。”Zheng Tao shook his head,I saw the king.,Also:“but,Hu Jingliang, I also checked,Learn about his situation。
I also have something to say in the casino.,But the location is more concealed,At present, I haven’t figured out that he is specifically opened.。
The bath center and nightclub will know,But all open in Shunyi District,And I am in Xicheng,There is not in my jurisdiction there.,Even if there is a illegal place,I have no law enforcement.。
I want to hand in case,Clearing the Shuxing Branch,But Hu Jingliang can take the scene to the venue.,You can feel there is no relationship there.?”
This is the most difficult,He also checked Hu Jingliang,Today, I realized that the murderer is not loose.,He also thought of another way,Start in this regard,But there is not his jurisdiction there.,I want to hand in case,Be first to inform the brothers branch。
And Hu Jingliang can be safe now.,Don’t want him to guess,There is absolutely his eyelve line in the branch.,Waiting for him to bring people,Hu Jingliang is estimated to have a message hidden.,Mao he can’t find one。