For a long time,They came to a honest giant foot.。

This giant is huge and steep,Extremely。
Zhuo Qing four people will gradually release the real yuan in the body,Not only does not slow down,But accelerate again。
faster and faster。
They are in the mountains like a monkey antelope,Far away from the summer。
“Zhuo Qing,This little child is nothing.。”
One of them。
“After all, he is a great success.。”Zhuo Qing,“Low a big realm than us?,Can do this,Already very difficult。”
“This is also。”
Everyone did not ridicule。
Gradually,The five people have gradually opened their distance.。
Other and regardless,this moment,True thickness,Also tall。
certainly,There are also their own physical fitness to occupy certain factors.。
Half mountain,Their speed is also finally slowed down.。
It is more,The greater the gravity。
They can only release the true elements of lacking,Strive to maintain speed。
At this moment,They becomes more and driven again.。
For decades of competition,Everything is quite understanding。
“Hey,It seems to be the same as,It’s a short time in a short time.。”
One of them smiled.,At the same time, I’m looking into the badge.。
“Ha ha,That kid just arrived in the mountain……Uh!”
This person smiles,But the words have not finished,Immediate color。
He saw a picture in his mind.。
From the mountain climbing,Summer speed does not increase。
The terrain between the mountains was used by him.。
It often does not turn away。
Every piece of raised mountain stone,Every look at the stack road,They are all used to use the dripping。
On the way,He is like a cheetah usually climbing a hill,No slightegate,Feet one bomb,Quietly, there is a broken,Hand and feet,With an unable to describe a near-vertical short cliff。