Finish,Shen Tian Si looks to Li Hui’s Sick Road.:“Xiao Li brothers,Today, this matter,I am a big brother, but there is no way.,I have reduced the conditions to those who are only for your village.,I didn’t expect that someone can compete with you.,But your brother can guarantee,After you don’t do something,As long as it is for the village,For our township development,Then I will definitely be green here.。”

Li Hui Feng did not think that Shen Tiansi will give him such a commitment.,This is really advantageous for him.。
Although one thousand and five million contracted, there are some little expensive in the mountains and sand land,But with this guarantee of Shen Tian Si,Li Hui Feng is still very happy。
“Hey-hey,That thanks to your big brother.,I will raise money for a while.,Then put this year’s contractual payment first。”
“Haha doesn’t need an urgent,As long as you count, you will make it in advance.,After all, I also know,Just repaired the road in the village,It is not much money in your hand.。”
Li Hui also wants to say something,But I was interrupted by Shen Tian.。
“All right,Today, let’s take this now.,I have to report your things.,After all, one thousand and five million are not a small number in our county.。”
Xu Laifu heard Shen Tianzi,Don’t get on the front:“Sink,I have already let people kill the chicks.,Make a good dish,Do you want to eat this again at noon today?!”
Shen Tiansi heard Xu Lai Fu this,Face is also seriously striking。
“Old village,I know your thoughts or stay in the original thing.,But now is no longer,And we have to do things for the people,You let the chicken must give people money,Ask people to make the meals, I have to give labor money and vegetables.,As for me, I will not stay here.,I still have a bunch of things。”
Finish,Shen Tiansi held a handshake with Li Hui,Then just hurriedly took the bus。
Li Hui Feng saw that the driving is actually Han Shanshan.,This is to let him have some unexpected。
But he is still new for this beautiful class leader.,Typical genius,Never learn,But each exam is crushed from others.。
And it is not too much to pursue her boy in school.,But it seems that no one can enter the psychic eye of this female magic.。
Now think about a school’s scene,He also feels some funny,But more actually there is hope and go back and experience it.。
After the village people are scattered,Li Hui Rong remembers the person who competes with him today.。
“Grandfather,Who is the person who has just bidding with me??
I don’t remember that our village has such a rich person.。”
“Who else??
The richest body of our village Liu Sihai。”
One heard this,Li Hui also suddenly remembered a lot of things.,Especially about Qin Ya,He didn’t think that Liu Sihai actually would be so young.。
Moreover, Qin Suzhen seems to have to pay attention to Liu Sihai called a father.。
“Dawei knows that he is going back??”
“have no idea,I don’t know when he is coming back.,How can I know what he wants to do?,But today he competes with you.,I feel definitely what I want to do.,Especially Liu Sihai, this person is still a bit prestige in the village.,If you want to do something, I feel that many people will also support it.。”
Although I don’t know what Liu Sihai is coming back.,But Li Hui Feng always feels a little。
Although he is now strong,But the strong capital is strong and can’t prove that he wants to spend more money.。
Originally 4 million,Or 5 million mountains and sand land,How much is more than 10 million hard students now,His mood can imagine。
And if Liu Sihai is also investment to develop,So Shen Tian Si must also support it.。
Think about it,Li Hui Feng feels still to understand this situation is better.。
Xu Laifu also knows that Li Hui’s worry is concerned.,I immediately laughed:“You don’t have to worry too much.,I heard that he was married with his wife today.,And my son is still gone yet.,Just a lone person,What should I still have?,He may just want to buy some land and then leave the leaves.。”
This explanation Li Anti-wind can not believe,Just rushing the other party today Liu Sihai to see his eyes,Eagle capture,To say that there is nothing,Li Hui Feng is absolutely unbelievable。
“Hey-hey,It’s fine,We do your own,Well water does not commit river water,no problem。”
Seeing that Li Hui Feng can open this,Xu Laifu has nothing to say much.。