The night is thick,Zhu Minglang and his party left Lihuagou。

Complex mountain road,It takes some time to get out of this special flower ditch。
There are still no insects and birds in this mountain forest,Let alone some wandering beasts,Ravine covered by night,Too quiet。
Probably walked out for ten or twenty miles,Nan Yusuo, who felt the strange atmosphere, finally spoke,She asked Zhu Minglangdao:“Obviously not completely resolved,Why left like this,Don’t you worry about the comeback?”
same,Nan Yusuo didn’t understand either,Why would my sister allow those lost dragons to continue hiding in Lihuagou,You know those who lost the dragon but slaughtered an entire village,Such a shocking thing,If it happens again in other villages,Li Xing as a prophet,Are you afraid of nightmares??
“This ghost place,I don’t want to stay anymore。”Zhu Minglang snorted coldly,Recalling some details of entering Lihuagou,Even more creepy。
“What happened?”Hu Bailing puzzled。
“Actually, I always wanted to say,But not easy to mention,Don’t you think the people in the stockade are weird?,There are only a few people who talk to us from beginning to end,They didn’t show us to other places in the stockade at all,Then we said we were leaving,Wish we could leave……”Fang Niannian said quietly。
“Nian Nian,What do you think?”Zhu Minglang asked。
“Can’t tell,The whole village is weird……Although every house is lit,But it lacks a kind of popularity。how to say,I just didn’t see the children playing near the house,I can’t see anyone shouting for business,I can’t even see women chatting while doing housework,Let alone cock and dog barking。”Fang Niannian’s intuition is quite sharp。
She lives in the market herself。
She is familiar with the atmosphere of the market。
Even if it’s an isolated village,As long as someone lives,Can’t do without the smoke,Can’t do without crying,Can’t do without noise。
The last time I went to the first village,They barely stayed,Left in a hurry。
This time back to the first village,Ate a meal in a hurry,But the old patriarch only took them to a limited number of houses.。
First292chapter Yinlingzhai