system hint:“Welcome to the Legion Challenge,The random map for this game is the Roman Arena,The game mode is‘Kill mode’!Be the first to get50The team killed twice will win!”
“Kill mode?”Shunzi froze。
Isn’t this the pattern they encountered in their second game against the Oscars??
The map for that game is“Blue Wave Airport”,Because I can’t kill the opponent’s sniper,The final result is the number of kills50:9,They were bloodbathed by the Oscars。
“Hey,Painful memories……”Zhang Song said helplessly。
Feng Xichuan was angry when he saw this map,Last match,His condition is not good,Today must wash away the shame。
“Flower team,Come on!Come on!Come on!”
Although Cao Anna can type,But herOBTime is delayed,And can’t watch the other party,Eliminates the possibility of transmitting information。
“Look!Sister Anna,Cheer us!We must win the first match!”Zhao Ping cheers。