Without waiting for Lu Hao to speak,He Yumei has rushed to speak:“You’re not a fucking man?This is our Murakami business,What do you want to take care of in town?Do you think there is too much money to put,Want to give town?Just turn in your share”

“Just,Things in our village,We can do it ourselves,Besides, all the villagers agreed to sign this matter.。I think this is the best thing our village has done,So don’t be afraid”Someone stood up,Said emotionally。
Lu Hao smiled:“very good!I’ll sign and seal it。Get this done sooner,The money arrives earlier,If I could send it to everyone a year ago,Some people who need money in a hurry,Isn’t it just right!”
What Lu Hao said,Everyone who is sitting follows,This matter is passed。He took out the official seal of the village committee,Grilled on the fire,He covered it fiercely。
Once the contract is signed,Everyone shook hands and said goodbye。When Xia Jian and the three of them first walked out of the village committee,,A black Santana rushes,Stopped in front of them。
The door opens,Feng Boyuan, the deputy mayor of Chengnan Town, got out of the car。His face is very ugly,He shouted at Lu Hao, who was standing at the gate of the village committee:“Chief Lu!What do you want to do?Is there any organization concern??”
“Yo!Isn’t this Mayor Feng??Why are you so angry??Last time I asked you to solve the big hole in the wasteland,But you just ran away,Is there any new explanation for us villagers??”Without waiting for Lu Hao to speak。He Yumei rushed out of the house,She asked Feng Boyuan loudly。
Which villager representatives,Not vegetarian,They immediately surrounded Feng Boyuan。Feng Boyuan shook his hands and said:“Don’t make trouble!I’m discussing something important with Village Chief Hao。As for which piece of land,That’s a legacy of history”
“Nonsense!What historical issues?Since you can’t even solve this problem,Then don’t interfere in the affairs of Zhangluhe Village。More than ten villager representatives in the village,And all the village officials passed,We signed this plot to Hongjian Development Co., Ltd.”
He Yumei said to Feng Boyuan in a abrupt tone。Feng Boyuan’s face suddenly changed,He looked at Lu Hao,A little helplessly shook his head。
Yao Junli, who was standing on the side, gently pulled Xia Jian and said:“Let’s go!This matter has nothing to do with us”
When Xia Jian was about to turn around,Feng Boyuan suddenly shouted at Xia Jian:“President Xia!Don’t you go,I have something to tell you”
It seems I can’t go if I want to go。Xia Jian had to stop,Turning around gently and asked:“What is Mayor Feng??”