“Magic hand。。。”The Lord of Wind Demon shook his head。

“And cloth,Humph,Disciple of the demon,Inheritance with the inner demon—If you have the upper hand,But now in the Three Realms, it still doesn’t converge,Really looking for death。”The Lord of Wind Demon even had some killing intent in his eyes。
“And that candle dragon Daozu,Early reincarnation,Although there is a contradiction,But it didn’t shatter the deep hatred of World War I,May be able to win。”
“He’s right《Heart Code》Intentionally,Maybe we can start from this aspect。”
Chapter 22 Intercept before returning
“right now,About three years away from the Three Realms!”Venerable Fuhu smiled lightly。
Three years,In fact, it’s very close to the Three Realms。
of course,Hurrying is impossible at the fastest speed,The merits of Buddhism and the flying boat can only maintain the speed of 10% of the limit of heaven.,Rushed to the Three Realms rather leisurely。
Within the merit flying boat,The five might even drink around a long table—Venerable Fuhu doesn’t seem to stop drinking。
Several gods and gods were pulled out as waiters by the gods。
No matter how,Can successfully return to the Three Realms,Is already a very successful thing。
Even the gods and gods are very happy。
After all, the five great powers still have some resistance in the chaos,But they don’t。
But even in the joy,Li Ming’s mind is still around,Avoid sudden attacks。
but,Even if it’s an ancestor,He still couldn’t see a black streamer approaching。
“Bailao,Are you sure it’s these aliens??”
“They are indeed,the host!”Ba Lao is now very clever in front of the true God Yinjie。
Yin Jie,But a true god of chaos,But it’s the same as the leader of the Three Realms,Enlightenment of Tao is high enough,Comparable to the ancestors,I have also cultivated a supernatural power to achieve something,The body can be transformed into a shadow form,Hard to explore with mind—at least,It is difficult to detect under the world。