Many people close to Tianlong felt this oppression,All shocked。

Just a deterrent。
“Leo,You are scaring us?”
“Leo,Even if you are strong,But don’t forget that we are Denon!”
“Tianlong people will not be intimidated by you!We are going to the world government to complain,Say you treat us slowly!”
Leo’s eyes grew colder:“Adults,My Leo is not disrespectful,But these three adults did make an appointment with me,And gave a deposit,I can’t refuse!”
“In addition,The monster belongs to Leo,I sell to whomever I want,Big deal, I killed all the monsters and eat meat!”
I heard Leo was going to kill the monster,The faces of these people changed slightly。
You Leo is dead,But this monster can’t do anything。
I heard Leo support them so much,The three Tianlong people on the stage also spoke together:“Everyone, don’t force Leo,I know it takes time to train the monster,And the stronger the monster, the longer it takes to train,Leo has done his best,Everyone in the future will have monster mounts!”
“Yes,No need to embarrass Leo,This won’t solve the problem!”
“We just came one step early,Everyone will have it in the future!I promise,If anyone wants to ride a monster,I can lend him a ride while resting!”
The Tianlongren who had been comforted almost jumped angrily,The monster hasn’t got it yet,You just pretend!
Leo ignored those Tianlong people,Walked into the circle with three people,Let them pick the monster first。
no doubt,All three people picked the top three。
Leo didn’t speak,Just send them away respectfully。
“Haha,Leo,You are fine!And these monsters are indeed taller than the previous ones,Mine is the highest!”