“You are fucking crazy!Yelling what?If you don’t want to live,Open the window and jump down,Do you want me to help you”Scar face fiercely glared at Xia Jian and said。Because Xia Jian broke his good deeds,So the look in this guy’s eyes looks very scary。

At this moment,The beautiful woman sitting next to Xia Jian opened her eyes,She lowered her voice:“Sit down,You’d better avoid this kind of thing”
Xia Jian ignored the woman’s warning,But he smiled at the scar face:“Take good care of your paws,If you dare to reach out,Be careful i’ll scrap it for you”
“The young man has a good tone!You dare to take care of this kind of thing?”The old man sitting on the edge of the seat started talking,Although the sound is low,,But has a strong penetrating power,Obviously he is speaking internally。
The old man said,Really surprised Xia Jian,So these three people are together,It seems he has to be careful。But everyone in the carriage turned their faces to one side,Pretending not to see。
The girl standing in front of Scarface saw Xia Jian come out to speak for her,The handsome face can’t help but please,She squeezed Xia Jian hard,There are too many people standing in the channel,Her little power is useless at all。
Xia Jian didn’t speak for a while,Scarface thought Xia Jian was afraid of them,So I stretched out my hand again。Xia Jian is really hot now,He reached out and grabbed it on the luggage rack,Then force,The whole person is suspended。Then he exerted force on the waist,The whole person rushed out。
An impenetrable channel,Was forced into the crowd by him,Which girl did he stand impartially in front of。When I approached Xia Jian, I found out,This girl looks pretty。Fair and smooth face,The five pipes are correct and delicate,Can be regarded as a big beauty。
Xia Jianyi reaches out,Hug the girl’s waist,And then forcefully,He just picked up the girl,When I put it down again,The two of them have changed positions。This action is done in one go,The people around only felt a squeeze,As for what happened, many people haven’t understood。
Scar face is also surprised,When he understands,The girl squeezed in front of him is gone,The person standing in front of me has been replaced by Xia Jian。The prey is missing from his mouth,Can you say he can’t be angry?
“Kid!It looks like your skill is really good,It’s a pity you ran into an opponent today,It can only show that your life is bad。If you want to complain, you shouldn’t take care of such nosy“Scar said,Two fingers together,Inadvertently stroked Xia Jian’s left cheek。
In such a small space,Can’t leave at all。Fortunately, Xia Jian was prepared,His whole body has not moved,The right hand was fastened to the wrist of the scar face like lightning.。Scared face with a faint smile,Sink down,Then put your hands on,I want to put two fingers on Xia Jian’s face。
But his smile disappeared instantly。He never thought,Xia Jian’s hands on his wrist are like iron tongs,Not only powerful,And he felt his wrist was about to be crushed。
The big beads of sweat fell from the forehead of the scarred face,His two fingers together finally let go,A bright blade slipped out from between the fingers。