First2200chapter Chance encounter

“what!Ma Hongfang?”Wang Youcai couldn’t help but cried out。He has seen this woman for a while,She seems to have evaporated from the world。
Ma Hongfang obviously came to Wang Youcai,So she has a calm face,Just smiled and said:“What do you mean?Why do you see me like seeing a ghost”
Wang Youcai smiled,Only then did Ma Hongfang look at it from head to toe。This woman still looks so charming,Just take a closer look,Even though she painted heavy makeup,But there are still obvious wrinkles at the corners of the eyes。This shows that the years will not let anyone off。
“stop looking,Don’t you get old??Are you starting to hate me,Just avoid seeing me?”Ma Hongfang smiled,The red-painted little mouth kept talking。
Wang Youcai is afraid that others will hear their conversation,So he smiled and said:“Talk in the car,People come and go here,How inconvenient“
Wang Youcai opened the door。Ma Hongfang is also welcome,I opened the door and sat in the passenger seat。A cold breeze,The smell of inferior perfume wafted through Ma Hongfang’s body。
Wang Youcai started the car,I can’t help but wrinkle my nose。His action happened to be seen by Ma Hongfang,She asked coldly:“Do you think it smells a bit unpleasant?I have no money to buy it now,Don’t pity me?”
“You can do it!Don’t pretend to be poor here。Want perfume,The people who give it to you may line up”Wang Youcai laughed,Drove the car to a remote place and stopped。
Ma Hongfang was unhappy,She thought Wang Youcai would take her to dinner,The last time I had a cup of tea。Unexpectedly, Wang Youcai would not pay her a dime right now。
“Boss Wang!I really hate you now”Wang Youcai just stopped the car,Ma Hongfang said angrily to him。
Wang Youcai is not happy when he hears it,He put away the smile on his face,Said seriously:“are you crazy!We haven’t been in touch for almost a year,You said hate me as soon as we met today,Where does this hate come from?”
“Humph!You are so embarrassed to say。When my husband and I were at odds,You are the one who is crooked to me。After the first time,Out of control,I regret it now when I think about it”Ma Hongfang said,My nose twitched twice,A very sad look。
Wang Youcai glared at Ma Honggong and said:“Don’t talk nonsense,We walked together,Everyone gets what they need,You just need a little more,There is no compulsion in this”
“Nonsense!You need every time,What i need?”Ma Hongfang said,A little embarrassed to reach out,Grabbed a hand on Wang Youcai’s thigh。
Wang Youcai shrank his body,But the space in the car is limited after all,He still hasn’t avoided,Was grabbed by Ma Hongfang。Wang Youcai’s mouth is so painful,He couldn’t help cursing:“You lady,Not only needed people,And also need money,Is this fake?”
“go away!”Ma Hongfang was embarrassed by Wang Youcai,She jumped up。
Wang Youcai took advantage of the trend,He put Ma Hongfang in his arms。Ma Hongfang didn’t even struggle,He put his arms around Wang Youcai’s neck。