“Pity,This total of 36 fort masters,There are only 21 people in the quiet place,Thirteen of them are sure to have entered the battlefield of the plane,The other two are missing。。。I hope James will not be under these few people。”

suddenly,Wright’s ears moved,Smile:“It seems that these intelligence dealers are still powerful enough,I found James’ information in just three days。”
“Dragon Hunter!Dragon Hunter!”A sound of soul enters Wright’s mind。
“come in!”Wright laughed。Hunting dragon,It’s just that he gets a fake title at random。
“A tall and burly,But the deity who moved cautiously entered the courtyard where Wright lived。
“Cattoli,You come over today,Did it bring me any good news??”
“Dragon Hunter,Our brothers ran for three full days,I’ve helped you find out the information of that god。”
“Oh。。。Wright turns,A huge bloodstone appeared in his hands,But not directly to such a burly god。“Cattoli,Tell me the news。。。Don’t worry if you have no problem with this message,I will naturally give you this property。”
“Yes Yes,Dragon Hunter。Do you think it’s this person?”Cattoli took out a crystal ball storing floating shadows。
The crystal ball casts a floating shadow。And in the floating shadow is a black robe,Blood red eyes。
It was the killing of tens of millions on the Magnolia continent that year,One of the five kings of the plane prison,Weird king·James。
“Keep talking!”Wright fixed his eyes on Catogli,A tyrannical breath forms a strong pressure。
Cattoli wanted Wright to pay first,But being pressed by this breath,Dare not say anything about asking for money。
“Yes,Dragon Hunter,The person you want to check,Now also called James,The current one‘Hu Qibao Lord’Subordinate。”
“‘Hu Qibao Lord’?He should be in a quiet place now。”Wright frowned,This castle master is one of the five castle masters that he is not 100% sure of,The strength and blood elves should be equivalent,It is said that there is a soul defense main artifact。
“Yes,This James,”Cattoli Light’s face,Obviously he has a grudge against James,The adult’s herringbone dare not say it:“James is in the castle,Is a very important guard under the command of the lord of the castle。correct,It is said that he followed another fortress at first。Later he became under the command of Chuqibao。”
“And it is indeed proficient in magic circle methods。Lord Chu Qibao gave him a lot of real power。”
“Lord Shuqibao!?”Lai nodded,Hand flip,Threw the bloodstone out。
Catogli takes the bloodstone,Relieved。He was afraid that the other party would not give money after hearing the news。