“Two brother,I am so moving so much in the evening.,It is definitely wrong.!”

“Two brother,I seem to see Fan Yaos last night.!”A person said,
“Fan Lao 3!?”I heard this name, a few people, all shocked,
“I only saw the back,Wearing Fan Lao San’s clothes,It is also his knife in your hand.。”
Li Heng listened to the wound of some deceased again,Most of them are killed by a machete.,And Fan Lao San is using a chopper。
“Is it really fannive?!?”Wu Dynasty, some can’t believe in,Because Fan Lao San is equal to it is looking for death,He will be chased by all drug dealers in the hot river。
“No wonder, he is not interested in Zhou boss.!And leave in advance,It turned out that this as a planning!”Liu Jincai is still willing to believe that Fan Lao San,Because who can he still。
Li Heng see a week of patients and others,They are also sent people to buy a live sheep.,Yesterday, I didn’t leave the hotel half a step in the city.,So exclude doubts about them。
“Two brother,He took us all the money to all,We still report it.!”Wu Dynasty said to Li He,
“You bring people back to report big brothers,I take people to investigate Fan Lao 3,We met in Zhaoli!”
This time, the hand is more dead.,Jiang Jingqi and Sun Yurong lost a lot,Leave a part of the people who are cuisine,Others immediately rushed to Zhaoxa League,That is, now Chifeng City。
Just left Ningcheng,SystemSThe reward of the level difficult task has been gave up.,The task raising a billion military fee has been completed,This is the use of soldiers like God.。
There have been various articles in the brain.、Battles、Strategy, etc.,In the military school, I learned the combat command.,I will use this by soldier after God,Rui Rui feels very deep understanding of various combats。
“OK!It seems that I will not only engage in myself.,Perhaps there is a possibility of the commanding team!SThe reward of the level task is really different.!”
Car on Zhou Weiguo asked:“Qi Qi,Our purpose has reached,What to do in Zhaoli?”
“We are not equal to telling them that we are dry.,Originally sent to their mutton and wine, they have already doubt it.,So we still have to go to Zhao Uda League,Maybe we have more harvest。”
“Then our team?”Originally plan is to get the money team and return to the tiger hill.,The current situation has some access to the original plan.,Zhou Weiguo asked,
“I have let Jiang Tong notify Zhang Chu with money and trophy back to the ground.,Next, I will see a few people.。”Ritual,
“We don’t really want to buy opium.,We have not so much money.?”Xu Hu,
“The money of drug dealers was robbed again.,They will definitely chaos a while,And we have to do it is to ran robbery。”
The money like these drug dealers will definitely not put it on the bank.,Basically, they will build their own treasters in their own house.,Rui Rui intended to stop robbery,Then I will start with Yudong Company.。
“good,This is the purpose of our usage.。”Since it’s still not jealous, let’s go.,This is the original intention of Rui Rui.。
“The money before that, I will pay back our detachment.?”Zhou Weiguo asked,
Rui Rui smiled and said:“Still give someone else,Zhou Captain,Zhang Chu took the money plus it together, but almost more than 3 million.。”
Zhou Weiguo smiled and said:“Row!Go back to some。”
Qi Rui knows that he can give an independent group.,Now I have sent it to the ground.,Next, I will see how much money in Jiang Jiqi’s house.。
It took a day to rush to Zhaoxi,Kong Kong Kong did not have a chance to start with Zhou boss all the way.,Because Liu Jin has protected people very well,And it takes directly to Jiangzhai。
Liu Jin said in the case and said to Jiang Jiqi.,I heard that this time I lost tens of millions.,Can take Jiang Jingqi to gas enough,Especially I heard that this time is Fan Laosan.,He is broken in the house.。
“master!Do you want to send someone to find Fan Laos??”Liu Jinshi asked,
Jiang Jingqi calm down and thought about it.:“This is a bit embarrassing,According to the truth, Fan Lao three is not to provoke us and Kong Kong aid.,In this way, how did he mix it in the hot river?!”