Chapter 21 Fight

Worthy of being a mountain guard!”Li Ming, who has turned into a three-headed six-arm form, sneered,Surrounded by blue breeze around the body,Block the black water caused by the mountain guard array。
Today’s Saito’s six immortals who preside over the formation,Naturally, Li Ming has been discovered and locked,Even Cangxian recognized Li Ming,But ancestor Saito hasn’t come out yet,They did not attack,But use formations to restrain Li Ming。
“But this power,Still can’t restrain me!”
moment,Li Ming’s body expanded rapidly,Grows to a height of 72 feet,It is the supernatural power。
Huge body,Three pairs of arms clenched fists,Burst out a powerful force。
Liu Dao Quan Ying shot out fiercely,Six paths are like meteors,But there is the power of jumping purple and blue thunder and lightning in one direction。
The ninth move of star change·Xingchi Electric!
Based on his current mid-stage of returning to Void,Exercising the god body,And a magical power that blesses power,The sheer explosive power has reached the level of a fairy。
Perform another trick,The power is comparable to the middling powerhouse。
Six Boxing Power,Blast the black water into a huge gap。
Heishui was pressed by Li Ming’s fist,Step by step,He has spied out the location of one of the immortals controlling the formation。Once this fairy is killed,Saito did not come on the bench in time,This formation is bound to be greatly weakened,It will be easier to fight when the time comes。
but,Li Ming only took three steps,Had to stop。
A dark golden rope hovering in the void,Like a vicious dragon,Jerked to his side,Then quickly shrink!
“Tie immortal lock?Still similar magic weapon!”Li Ming’s face changed slightly,Separate four hands to hold this magic weapon tightly。
have to say,This magic weapon most restrains him,Body protection magical powers have no effect on this kind of restraint.。