If a person is not kind,Will not be kind,This time she can’t help.,There will be next time,I said this thing once,Qin Ning will not recognize,Sisi and Achi’s days will become more sad.。

Now choose to say,It is because the two of their sisters are people who can alone.,No need to hide again,Does your mother blame me every year??
I finish her before.,She ran to the apology after her feet,I have been over for so many years.,Is that the saliva not spray??”
Gu Xiaoyamai glanced at Lin Deni,She is not a good or bad person,kind person,She will naturally treat it like this。
“Mother,How do I know that you are this idea?,I didn’t like her very much.,But we have two business in our two business.,I can’t touch her directly.。”
She wronged her face,these years,She is also a lot of her mother-in-law.。
Gu Yimei bowed to eat,Ignore her。
Anyway, she said now.,She is also very comfortable.。
Lin Dami carefully looked at Shen Jiaqi,“Jiaqi,I know that I want you to forgive me.,But I still don’t want you to be for me.,Separate with Yi Lin,Remaining after you broke up,It is also very painful。”
Shen Jiaqi wiped tears,Looking at her smile laughing,“lady,I cried a game,It seems to cry all the grievances.。
Blue is looking for me, I have been talking many times.。
Blue is a very deep person,She is in a tough life,No blame,It is trying to understand myself.。
She told me a word,I have been remembering,I would rather for forgive others.,Don’t wait until others come to forgive yourself,so,lady,I do not blame you。”
Hate a person is too painful,She doesn’t have to hate a person forever.,Intimate my day。
“Jiaqi,thank you,Remaining this will not blame me.,Looking at the way,My heart is not good,Say this now,my mood,There is no previous,thank you,Jiaqi。”
Lin Dami is tightly holding Shen Jiaqi’s hand,Laugh, love,Put down all the mustard to look at the girl,She doesn’t hate her at all.,Her facial features,People are also beautiful。
“after,I will definitely love you as my daughter.,I will never be like your grandmother.,One day a small noise,Three days a big noisy。
Uncomfortable in one day。”
“Oy!I don’t seem to be a vicious mother-in-law.。
I don’t quarrel with you.,I am afraid that you are still uncomfortable.。
Do you have friends??
no,Both business wine friends,Those words you talk to me,Can you say it in front of them??
I see you except my old lady.,No one can say true words.。”
Gu Yimei, I’m obsessed with Lin Deni.,Who told them that people are lonely?,Children are busy doing business,She didn’t even have a speech.。
“Household,In addition to Xiao Yi listens to me this old woman,Who is you willing to listen to me??
Xiao Yi lost,Yi Lin occasionally listening to me。
Now I have heavy grandchildren.,after,I have someone who can be embarrassed.。”
Everyone:“”Gu Yi Lin looked at Shen Jiaqi,See her smiling,She forgived her mother.,But there is no forgive yourself。
Le Yu asked:“That is strange.,Who is today??”
Le Yu, this,Gu Yi Lin’s eyes of the eyes,“I will definitely be clear.。”
Who can’t hurt one person without the bottom line?。