Half a day and air fighting,Wu Pei Yee is deeply hearty,Sway:“what’s your plan,If it is the death of allies, no matter what,I can only choose to continue yet.。”

“Allies are taking sale,So your life is not concerned.,Resist,Yielding,I respect your decision。”Liao Wenjie said with a smile。
“Bait Tactics??”
Wu Pai Lian Yichen asked,If so,It seems that there is no difference before.。
“Do not,Old people don’t pay too much,I am very straightforward.,Simple literal meaning。”
Liao Wenjie started with a tea box,A few steps to the garden,Jump on the wall,Back to the first crowded eye:“Rest assured,Everyone is a game,I won’t let you sacrifice with white,Your Dream,Your family,Will be inherited and carried forward。”
Finish,He jumped out of the hospital,Several flashes disappeared。
“This bastard……”
Wu Pei Yili alone,Recall the look of Liao Wenjie,Look at the dark crow in the dark,How is it understanding?。
One said one,He thinks that Liao Wenjie is a stubbound in the dark.,How much is it better than before?,It’s indiscriminately。
I have no good idea.,Can only choose to cooperate。
“Conclude,I am just valuable,No power……”
Several times,Wu Pei Ye is deeply weak,Vows this time to cross the crisis,On the way all the strength to seek a powerful itself。
Sweets who dug out fairyan,He decided to make a skill,Continue to invest in the archaeological team later。
Exorcist family leader leader,Liao Wenjie came out of the familiar big tree,The warning of the middle courtyard,Big shaking parallel with wooden corridor,Sitting on the living room。
Just follow the return to my home.。
A hurry,Tongyong Yale, a single dress, see the situation in the living room,Helpless:“Mr. Kurosaki,You press the wrong doorbell.。”
Every time Liao Wenjie,Choose it at night,The palace is all habits.。
“no way,Busy to protect world peace during the day,Only in the evening is some private time。”Liao Wenju did not apologize。
“At night,Huangquan is not in the house,Only I am a bad old man,no problem?”Tongyong Yale is tied to the clothes,Sitting in the short table。
Liao Wenjie:“……”
You are selling a good daughter.!
and many more,Huangquan is not your daughter,He is your daughter of your friend,You sell the daughter’s Ji friends sell so forces,Have you asked their opinions??
three years ago,A difficult result of the devil,The palace is unfortunately lost his wife.。Because of the situation,He put the beast of the wife in the body·Bai Rui is transferred to ourselves,Remail the position of the leader of the driver,Return back to the front line。
Because I can’t take care of my daughter,Huangquan, Huangquan, who hosted,,Tongliang Shenle and Yushan Huangquan love with sisters,A shoot,The former suffers from empty homes,I moved out,And Yushan Huangquan lives in the apartment dormitory。
Just like Tong Palace Yalle said,Machine,Liao Wenjie can’t meet the girl,Talent during the day。
“The palace master misunderstood,I am coming to you.。”
Liao Wenjie refers to the tea box on the short table:“I bought tea leaves.,Do you want to taste?”
Tongong Yali heard a word,Surprised looked at Liao Wenjie,The latter is not one back in the middle of the night.,Don’t say full load,Empty hand to properly operate,Gift with a gift……
It is very out!
“what happened,Do you want to clarify tea?,I still want to watch your tea.!”
“Do not,I thought of some strange things,I got a god at a time.。”
Tongyong Yalu Water Waste Tea,Although it is an old man,But the family is inherited so far,Noble bottom,Action is slow,Extremely deep。
A few minutes later。
“Good tea,Mr. Laosaki is broken。”
Tongyong Yale,Tea quality is compliment,Cool is a suspicious ghost,Doubt Liao Wenjie。
“Really break,I spent the tea leaving.,Absolute treasure。”