And through his observation with his wife,Xu Ruzhen, this gimmick, they feel too suitable for them Li Jia.。

gentle,good,capable,Can you still do things?,Cyber people are also long and very incomparable,A vision of people,Mr. Li feels Xu Ruzhen is definitely a woman who can help men.。
The good wife is alive, but the same woman is like a woman.。
“Small,This is my grandson,Li Wu Tian,I have time to know more.,My grandson can be very good.。”
Mr. Li really can’t see it.,Directly helped their grandchildren to make the first step。
The grandmother on the side is also feeling that my grandson is,But didn’t say anything。
After all, they are people with identity.,Although I know Xu Ruzhen has a boyfriend,But it is a small farmer,She still feels that Xu Ru is worth a better。
“Hello,My name is Xu Ruzhen,Is the boss of this hotel。”
Looking at Xu Ruzhen to take the initiative,Li Wu Tian also hurriedly held it.。
“Hello,My name is Li Wutian,Is it my grandfather’s grandson。”
“Grandpa,Your grandson can be unmodeful,I will introduce myself.,I also want to say that I am a granddaughter of my grandfather.,This will definitely be curious.,After all, in addition to the name,Don’t know others。”
So being ridiculed by Xu Ru,Li Wu Tian is not angry,It is very educated to laugh.。
“Hahaha, this kid is usually not the case.,Today we are still old three,Special dishes continue to continue,But my suggestion is that you have to rise.,Because some good friends around me have heard of my business,They may all want to eat,The most critical is that your dishes are worth procuring。”
Say this,Three people directly on the second floor。
Xu Ruyi is directly to let the staff in the store give a good tea.。
Three people have found a place to sit down on the window,Mr. Li looked directly at the grandson asked:“How about it?
Is it a heart??”
For Xu Ruzhen’s so good girl,Mr. Li felt that there was no youth to be happy.,Just before he actually did not find。
If it is found early,He is afraid that the grandson will start.。
Especially Li Jia’s family,He feels that Li Wu Tian does need a girl like a Xu Ruzhen.。
“Hey-hey,I saw the first side.,How can I dare to say my heart??
But it really has a good impression,Because she looked at the grandfather’s eyes were sincerely did not work.,Little girl with those girls,Not so pure in the eyes of the girls,Overall。”
Listening to the dialogue of the grandchildren,The king grandmother on the side is finally can’t help.。
“You can not be so narcissized.?
Do you ask if there is any boyfriend??
Actually, I will start the discussion here, it is not your own grandmother?”
The 568th chapter is cheated
“Forehead!Wife,What do you mean??”
Li Kai Fu frowned,Through their observation,It seems that there is no boys in Xu Ruzhen.,And I have never heard that I have a boyfriend.。
“Humph,What else can you mean?,Everyone has a boyfriend.,And still a small farmer,You are still here.?”
One heard this,Li Wu Tian suddenly felt some lost。
“Wife,You are sure that it is not her excuse?
After all, there are many people pursued by such a beautiful girl.,But there will be a variety of excuses to refuse.?”
“Yes,It is also possible,Otherwise how can I find an excuse for a small farmer?,This excuse is good.,If let’s grandson, she can’t see it.,Then you can say there is a small farmer boyfriend.,If she looks at it,Separate this thing for small farmers,We will also feel that everything is reasonable.,This little girl is not simple.。”
Wang Peiyun’s grandmother is also a shock of a face.,Also very satisfied。
Even she didn’t think that Xu Ru is actually so powerful.,Treatment is simply dripping,The more you can,They feel that Xu Ruyi is with his own grandson.。
Li Wu Tian heard this,The heart is also igniting a hint。