Guan Yun saw Cui Yongan first coming out,Also a little funny,This time, the other party is to let the other person’s long-term knowledge.,Otherwise,He also feels more and more expanded by the other party.。

“Lee brother,My brother wants to try your skills first.,Is there interest?”
Li Hui Feng saw the eyes of Cui Yongan,Coutonless shakehead:“Not interested in,I am a farmer,I want to raise a pig.,How interest is interested in killing。”
I heard this,Cui Yongan felt that Li Hui said.。
Laugh:“Boss,I just said that Huaxia is a flower shelf.,It is also powerful,Want me or fight,There is no rule, the strongest test,Such a person is still not more than,Chinese people have a modesty,Such a human boss, you still work less。”
Li Huihe heard the other side of a Chinese man,Especially the attitude of despise,Let him laugh directly。
“Guan Da Ge,He wants to kill me than killed.?”
Seventy-three chapters
It’s already angry that Li Hui Feng said this.。
Although he is not a great person,But the most basic patriotic sentiment is still。
This is also a young man in front of you.,It seems that I didn’t take myself as Huaxia people.,Especially the superior feeling of each other,Let him very uncomfortable。
Guan Yun heard Li Hui Feng this,Also a glimpse,He can hear the 戾 戾 戾 戾 戾 戾 气 气。
Even if it is, I will fight with Li.,He didn’t feel this kind of gas。
Fortunately, Li Hui does not seem to be able to kill.,Otherwise, he does not dare to let each other with Li Hui,If you don’t have a modern device,He has no trace of grasp Li Li with the wind.。
“Hey-hey,Lee brother,He is trying,If you are dead,I lost a small person.。”
Cui Yongan listened to this, but it was anger.,He didn’t expect that Li Hui Feng so looks like him.。
Since he participated in the game,No one dares to let him win before I don’t have to make a call.。
“Hey-hey,You have the ability to kill me.,I also recognized。”
Cui Yongan said this,Li Hui Hui looked at the Guan Yun。
Seeing Guan Yun’s indifferent look,He laughed。
This is really trying to try his depth.,However, he also wants to try a few pounds of people under the hand.。
“Hey-hey,Row,Then I will try it with you.,In order to avoid challenge me for a group of people,Too troublesome,But before you do it.,I have to ask you a few questions.。”
Cui Yongan heard this,It’s a feeling of Li Hui ink.,Obviously want to delay time。
“What is your problem?,I will have no chance when I was killed by me.。”
“Hey-hey,You are the people in China?”
Li Hui’s first problem,It is a glimpse of Cui Yongan.。
“I am Chinese people.,But I was born in the Head of Head.,Today’s nationality is also a head of the country。”
“hehe,So you are a person who is a head of the country.,Not Huaxia?”
Cui Yongan does not understand what is the meaning of Li with the wind.。
Some angry path:“You ask this question without any relationship with us.?”
“have,You said that the people of the country,I killed me, I won’t be sad.,Not angry,But very well,But you are Chinese people,I may make you hand。”
Li Hui said this,The shares on the body rose high,It is like what I have inspired by Li Yongan.。
“hehe,Then you just have a good country.,I want to see if you are so powerful.。”
“it is good,You can attack。”
Li Hui’s back is straight to a few steps.,Moderate each other can attack。
Treat a Chinese man who claims to be a member of the United States,Li Hui does not want to stay.。
Although Guan Yun is also holding green card,But Guan Yun is always called his own Chinese people.,I can even specifically to myself is Qi Lu.,However, Cui Yongan feels that it feels that the people who seem to have a low person, such as the people.,Let him not be very uncomfortable。
“Humph,I will die for a while, don’t look for me.,I treat my opponent, but I have always been going out.。”