“Row,These are good to see this.,I will talk to the big white for a while.。”

soon,Qin Suiya is like a peacock, a general dress, slowly coming out of the dressing tent in not far away.。
This is beautiful and unparalleled. She is wearing a crown.,After wearing a long dress, after a simple embellishment, it has become a real elf Queen.。
Especially with the surrounding natural environment。
Dong Xiajian is also stunned by this scene of Qin Su Ya.。
If he is before, he also has a fantasy to Qin Su.,So now he is a half-point thinking.。
He even felt that he had the kind of embarrassment, just like a crime.。
“breeze,Do you feel that my sister is dressed up??”
Qin Su Ya is not very confident that Li speaks from the wind.。
“beautiful,It’s so beautiful.,It is simply a fairy.。”
Looking at the eyes of Qin Su Jaya flashed in a starry look,Li Xiangtong took the power to nodded:“really。”
Dong Xiaojian also made some meat by two people.。
“Li Shen doctor,Don’t love it in this show,There are so many people here.,Let’s do things are not good.,Can you call you the big white first??”
For Dong Xiajian’s question,Li Hui said directly.“Big white”,The white white is directly from the orchard.。
However, it’s a turn of the Qin Suyi.,Don’t close the meaning of Li Hui。
If you don’t know that it is a mother,Li Hui has doubts that this wolf has already produced aesthetics.。
Qin Su Ya is still afraid,But under the rocking of the tail,She is also very afraid of it.,Instead, I will play with the big white.。
Just Li Hui Feng, I want to see how to shoot advertisements.,But I suddenly received a call from Suiliang.。
Su cool in the phone just said that there is an urgent matter to let him go to the town.,But don’t say something。
This makes Li apart from the wind.。
But he is still told Dong Xiajian.,When I returned home, I ride directly to the town.。
Su Qing did not expect that there is still a matter of this year, there is still something that dares to hijack hostages.。
And still happened to him。
When I was sent to the town by Li Hui Feng,He found that someone didn’t care about him.,Just didn’t care。
I didn’t expect that when he entered a print shop, he suddenly rushed from the corner to seven or eight youth.,Directly tied him。
The most critical or bundled in the print shop。
Through the other party,He knew that this helper was rushed to Li Hui,Just now, he wants to remind Li to follow the wind.,But by the knife rack in the neck, he still didn’t dare to do so。
Li Hui quickly came to the town,I have a call to Kool and ask the other party.。
As a result, it is not a cool cool.,But Zhao Youcai。
“Hey-hey,Li’s,In the town’s print shop,Otherwise, your friend is a short leg.,After all, this is what you like to do.。”
One heard this,Li Hui is also laughing.。
“hehe,Row,You are waiting for me,I am soon.。”
I didn’t wait for Zhao Youcai.,Li Hui Hui didn’t send the phone directly.,Then I dialed the alarm directly.。
I didn’t put Zhao Youcai these people in the last time. He felt regret.,Now the other party actually dares to kidnap the cool,Then this matter can be no way.,The other party takes the initiative to jump into the fire pit,He can only give the other party to let the other side.。
Come to the moment in the print shop,Li Hui has been surrounded by seven or eight people.。
And Su Yu is tied to the chair,The mouth is not a smell socks.,The anxious color in the god, he is also a clear two。