Most of the banyan bees that were awakened came from that banyan tree,Very large number。

If they all run away in one direction,It’s hard to get rid of these ficus bees,And the banyan bee demons obviously gather more,The higher the risk level。
Zhu Minglang noticed that Hao Shaocong was planning to escape towards an ancestral hall overgrown with grass,So use the ghostly clothes,Through the shabby city road,Wait for him in that ancestral hall early。
Hao Shaocong is dressed in black,He is riding a leopard dragon,Trying to get rid of the chase of the banyan bee demon。
Fortunately, the target of the Banyan Bee Demon is not him,After he ran away,I found that there were not many chasing soldiers behind,He is the only one left around。
The ancestral hall in front,Fairly clean,At least not occupied by some disgusting crawlers。
He walked along the door full of vines,Walked into the ancestral hall,But found a person standing at the entrance of the ancestral hall,There was an unkind smile on his face。
Hao Shaocong’s face changed immediately,Paler than seeing a swarm of banyan bees!
How could the other party find himself so quickly!
Hao Shaocong glanced back。
There is no partner behind,They were all sent to other places by the banyan bee。
“The scenery here is pretty,If your father misses you in the future,Not to get lost in the organ city,Just come to this ancestral hall to worship。”Zhu Minglang said to Hao Shaocong。
“Zhu Minglang,You threatened me again and again,Our Hao family is just because you have a little power in the imperial capital,Don’t think I am really afraid of you!”Hao Shaocong try his best to calm down。
On the cultivation of Master Mulong,The person in front of me may not be better than myself!
Not to mention,Others should be coming to themselves,Just delay for a while,It’s hard to say who is buried here!
“call out~”
Like the wind passing through the hall。
Hao Shaocong turned his head subconsciously,I feel that something is staring at me behind my back。