After the investigation team had a brief face-to-face conversation with Tan Hongchun,Returned to the city,Maybe it means that the investigation is over。Like a gust of wind,The county party committee was really busy for a while,Then quickly cool down。

The atmosphere of the conversation is fairly harmonious,The overall focus is on thinking and talking,But investigators also cryptically pointed out the problem of team unity,Not aimless。Tan Hongchun is soberly aware,The important impact of this investigation on myself,Official career is second,I am afraid it will be more difficult to carry out work in the future,And be prepared to prevent severe winter。
As he expected,The next standing committee,Ni Zhengqing’s words, intentionally or unintentionally, became the blockbuster of the meeting that day,Although the original words are talkative,Mouthful of slogans,But the participants can understand,It is the unreasonable division of labor among the main leaders of the county government,Needs adjustment。
The Standing Committee did not have this issue that day,And it’s very rare for the county government’s leadership to be blamed on the spot by the county party secretary.,Not to mention whether it meets the procedures,According to Ni Zhengqing’s own personality, the sun came out from the south,Secretary Ni, who has always been good at pushing others to the front desk, suddenly went shirtless,And it’s just on the corner where the investigation team just left,The meaning is too rich。
Tan Hongchun has already smelled the smell of gunpowder from lighting a cannon,really,County Committee Standing Committee、Deputy county magistrate Guan Jun quickly took the baton,He first cited violent and vicious cases in the county in recent months,Whether it’s quantity or severity,Are much higher than the same period in previous years,Seriously affect social stability,The people are dissatisfied,This is worth thinking about。
Then his words changed,The power of the county chief is too concentrated,If there is no supervision,That would be very dangerous。Part-time secretary of the Political and Legal Committee,Also focus on the economic work of the county,This is unreasonable in itself。If it was due to lack of candidates,Temporary organizational measures,Then it’s different now,So a reasonable division of labor is imperative。
This is Chi Guoguo’s provocation and force,Criticism meeting,Even though Tan Hongchun is fully prepared,But still can’t bear it。He cited the case of large amounts of money printing materials seized in Shuitianyise and two large-scale gang fights.,All are related to the local evil forces that have been entrenched for many years,It is normal for the incidence of the number of cases to fluctuate in the anti-evil action,Don’t give up on choking。
Guan Jun immediately retorted,The county government and public security organs have always maintained a high-pressure posture against the evil forces,Maximize the social stability of the county,Do you have to make it so easy to obliterate other people’s work and reflect your own political achievements??
Tan Hongchun was shocked,Unexpectedly, Guan Jun, as a county leader, would say such things,It’s not just accusations,There are also dirty water and vicious threats,He couldn’t help but retort,But was interrupted by Ni Zhengqing reaching out,“Comrade Guan Jun’s words are a bit extreme,But the truth is worth pondering,Only a reasonable division of labor can ensure the transparency of rights,Can be effectively supervised,This discussion is very meaningful,I suggest that this topic be discussed in the next democratic life meeting。Ha ha,Just digressed,Let’s proceed to the following topics……”
Ni Zhengqing’s control of the meeting’s direction is simply perfect,It was a storm just now,Now it’s like a spring breeze。Tan Hongchun suddenly calmed down,He quietly watched Ni Zhengqing who was reading the spirit of the document,Start to sort out the work, words and deeds since taking office。
On the surface, the normal contact with Hua Yun was caught by the opponent,In fact, the intensity of the struggle has risen to a certain level.。Gu Weitong ran away because of his crime,Sun Kaizi disappeared on suspicion of major crime,These fruitful work caused the other side to shoot。The big trouble lies in the chaos facing Pantech,This matter is not handled well,Very likely to be bitten by the opponent。
Faced with such a political bastard,I still need patience,The controversy at this time,There’s no point,Can’t be generous without enough power to build up。I have to admit that Ni Zhengqing’s conspiracy is quite old,And very good at controlling fire,It’s better to take a step back and watch the changes。
Actually the harvest is also great,Ni Zhengqing jumped out suddenly,Is a signal,Always vague、So greasy, he finally has a clear position,It also shows that the previous work has stepped on the pain of the other party,They want to use the opportunity of the investigation team to completely soften and paralyze themselves。