Chen Riyuan is calm,He is smiling, but this kid is really a。

Treating the patient’s courage is very good,As a result, sit on a plane, actually,I do this“Old man”Some are deeply affected。
suddenly,Another dramatic bump!The entire cabin is sloping!
“Yo,Is the plane of the plane not open?,Why are you so sway?。”Zhou Ye I suffered a young guy with a walkway。
In fact, it is still a bit cold on the plane.,at this time,The girl wrapped around the blanket is probably not cool.,Directly:“You think it is your tie in the tank.,Airplane should be opened with brain,proceed if you can。”
“You don’t sway it up.,Directly。”
NS155chapter Miller’s Miss
It’s so embarrassed by the girl wearing a mask.。
Zhou Ye looks at the young man, it is not darent。
Just:“Miss,I am joking.,Not for your safety。”
This looks like a military background.?
Zhou Ye suddenly wounded,Quietly moved to complete a“Shocking”!
He wants to see what the girl is growing.。
“So lovely。”Zhou Niwu just looked at it.。
Although the girl wears a mask,But the mask is difficult to hide the perfect five senses behind it.。
Her hair is very long,Black black,A fragment of Liu Haoyi hanging in front of him,A pair of black paint big eyes like a flawless gemmates generally embellished on the fair face。
This is separated from these two layers of sorbone masks,That temperament and beauty do not lose 输 许 和 and weighing!
But just so quietly,Zhou Ye seems to be discovered by others.。
Young people sitting next to a girl shouted toward Zhou Ye:“Small doctor,What did you just see??Is it a beautiful appearance of our lady??”
I am stamp,Do you talk about it??brother!
Zhou Ye,This can be found!
It is a person in the army.!This is simply“Eagle”NS!
“People’s baby brother is a medical staff,Can you not be like a gun?bb。”Girls see the door。
She crowded her eyebrows,Zhou Niwu smiled,And the courtesy is nodded.。
Prothered by Miss House,That young man is also like a slice of the slice.,Immediately shut up。
This makes Zhou Niwu, the calendar of the curious girl。
Light is to know that you are medical staff.,I know that the road is very strong.。
Zhou Niwu did not dare to speak,Suddenly stayed like wood.。
The girl may be seen that Zhou Yewei is very afraid.,I thought it was a young man who broke him.,Laughing in touch with yourself:“Hello,I am from,This big army is my father to send me soldiers who protect my.,Laugh。”
Sure enough, it is a military person.。
Can be protected by soldiers,The identity is also mysterious.。
At this time, Chen Ziyuan seems to be awakened by the dialogue of the three.。
He turned his head and wanted to see what happened.。
When the girl saw Chen Riyuan,Just smiled kindly:“Chen Shu is good。”
“You are?”Vain mask,Can Chen Riyuan does not seem to know this girl。
At this time, He Nuo Xiansham,Smile:“how about this?Chen Shu, I can’t recognize Arno.?”
Chen Riyuan’s eyes suddenly gave birth to light:“Arno?Why are you also on the plane??Are you interns in the Department of Public Information in the province??”
Looking at the conversation of two people,Zhou Yewu is in the fog。
But can determine,This is certainly not general。