“Nine temporary needle”It is also directly in my mind.。

Li Hui faintly looked at Qin Tianjiao,It is this eye but let Qin Tianjia actually feel a touch sense.。
This makes Qin Tianjiao are also shocked.。
“Xiao Li,You are this?”
Chapter 255
Li Hui Feng looked at the surprise of Qin Tianjiao.,Understand that it may be that he has played the skills, just comprehension, the needle, the upper layer of the needle, there is no disaster。
“Hey-hey,Qin Grandpa,I just suddenly recorded a set of golden needles to me.,The method of gold needle, I feel that this is just right with the gold needle.。”
Very awkward?
Actually it is so powerful。”
“Hey-hey,Nine transition,Just use this set of needles,People are still a breath,I can also pull back。”
Li Hui Feng said that this time is serious.,But Qin Tianjia is very surprised.。
The first reaction he felt that it is so?
As for the sign of the ghosts like the needle method,He is a little less faithful.。
“Heaven,Xiao Li, this set of golden needles is called the nine tuning.,It seems that it is true that God will give it to you.。”
Say this,Qin Tianjiao’s face is awkward。
Then the peas of the beans is on the forehead.。
See this scene,The youth after Qin Tianjin is also very urgent.。
“Qin Master,I will give you anick pain.。”
“Um,hurry up,I am afraid that I will lose their post in front of the guest.。”
Qin Xue is also the first time to see the grandfather’s appearance.,Then, the back of the bones is also white and straight.。
Li Hui Feng immediately looking forward。
All the darkness in the house is in the body of Qin Tianjiao.。
“No need to take medicine,I’ll try。”
I immediately take a gold needle directly.,Then use the nine transition of the first transfer to the income of those black gas.。
Golden needle injection of life,Jinguang is now,Li Hui Feng is also directly aligned with Qin Tianhao’s gods.。
With the penetration of the gold needle,The ability of the life is also spreading against the black gas.。
Qin Tianjia is also clearly feeling that Li Hui Feng this needle,The clear cool feeling of the mind made him very comfortable,These more than 20 years of old shorthair have already given up,I didn’t expect to be solved by a young man today.。
“Xiao Li,You really have a god.,I will not hurt this needle.。”
“Qin Grandpa,I just seal your acupuncture points.,Or seal your life lapse,Not cured,Treatment and feet。”
Said that Li Hui is directly facing the youth:“Trouble this big brother to smash the stone lion in front of the door,Burning the filth of the inside。”