The stairwell on the second floor is a bit complicated,To reach the real corridor, you have to pass through two disguised and very realistic fake walls。Such careful design shows that the ground floor is very important,Under normal circumstances, it will not be exposed at will。

Li Tianchou was puzzled,In his opinion, except for the room, the downstairs is the room,Really average,Why is it so mysterious?Recall Chen Bin’s words,It doesn’t seem to have mentioned the function downstairs,I took the storeroom with one sentence,Didn’t you know or didn’t tell me on purpose??
The movement upstairs is completely different,In addition to the lights,The sound of people moving almost everywhere,It is totally different from the dead silence downstairs。There is a sense of tension in the air,No wonder,Broad beans are making trouble outside,You Shilong can feel it too,Nothing is normal。
Li Tianchou needs to be extra careful,So he watched carefully at the entrance of the stairs,Seeing that two younger brothers took Peng Weihua to a small dim room,There is a strong man at the door greeting,He immediately retracted his head,And secretly remember the position。
Suddenly a voice shouted,“Abao and Mason stay。Everyone else went downstairs with Laozi,Move faster。”Then the answer、Shouting and messy footsteps。Li Tianchou was surprised when he heard this,Look around,Not even a place to hide,Preparing to return,But found that the footsteps are going in the other direction。
Rough judgment,There is the direction of the main entrance,Could it be that the broad beans have made any new tricks??Although Li Tianchou is worried,But there is no time to take care of,It’s a lot quieter in the corridor,Time to do it。
No one left,Li Tianchou came out,Just a few steps to the door of the room that Peng Weihua entered just now,Listen to the movement in the room,There was a small voice from inside,The two brothers did not leave,It seems to be guarding Peng Weihua。
Can’t care so much,Li Tianchou decisively reached out and knocked on the door,“Who?”The kid inside asked and walked to the door。
Li Tianchou, look around,The Voice of Scholar Xiaochun,The thick one replied:“I,Open the door。”
“Who do you have?”The little brother cursed and stretched out his hand to open the door,I haven’t seen the situation clearly yet,Half of his face was hit hard by the door panel,After a bang,Li Tianchou’s hand tightly covered his little brother’s mouth,The other arm exerts strength,People have squeezed in。
Entering the room is much easier,Li Tianchou knocked on the door with his heel,Then a hand knife brought down the little brother in front of him,Another kid who found something wrong just jumped up from a stool,Li Tianchou kicked to the ground,Then do the same to knock it out。
This is a small hut,The look of Shilai’s bungalow,Simple furnishings in the room,a table,A few stools,Then a single bed。The cabin has no windows,Just installed a ventilation fan on the ceiling。It seems that the room is not on the edge of the building,No wonder there is no light outside。
Peng Weihua is tied with thick rope,Reclining on that single bed,Sanity is still clear,But the mental state is a little sluggish,Although Li Tianchou covered his face,But he still recognized the apprentice,Blinking eyes,I don’t know if it’s a joy or a bitter smile。