“Of course,Senior not only forgive me,And also promised to give me a painting,Senior also said,I can choose what painting I want。”

Seeing Di Chen’s proud look,Doesn’t seem to be fake,Ling Tiannan nodded in surprise:
“Senior is really generous……Speaking of,I haven’t gone to thank you yet,I was going to go this morning,As a result, I ran into the saint of Yaochi as soon as I went out,It’s not too late。”
Ling Tiannan will go,only,Di Chen next to him quickly said:
“You stop,Don’t go now,Senior said last night,He has something these days,Wait a few days。”
Ling Tiannan blinked curiously:
“What’s the matter?”
Di Chen stared:
“Senpai,How do i know?”
Ling Tiannan pouted,Then he said directly:“That happens,I want to go back to comprehend the pair of senior《Longevity》,Yesterday it was only a little bit of insight,Now there is a faint breakthrough。”
Di Chen, who was listening to Ling Tiannan’s words, blinked in shock.:
“So fast?!!I have a breakthrough in one night?!”
Ling Tiannan pursed his lips and said:“Senior paintings are unpredictable,Did you never see it yesterday?,Fuss!”
Immediately Di Chen looked at Ling Tiannan excitedly:“Let’s learn together,I have nothing to do recently。”
only……For Di Chen’s words,Ling Tiannan raised his eyebrows immediately:
“That won’t work!!That is the painting that seniors gave me,How can i show you?!”