“Wang Ge!Can you leave a call?“The big woman asked sincerely。

Wang Youcai thought about it,So he told this woman his phone number。The big woman used her mobile phone to write down Wang Youcai’s number,Then he called back and said:“This is my number,When Brother Wang needs,Just hit“This woman finished,Then I pushed the car door and jumped down。
Watching these three women get out of the car,Wang Youcai couldn’t help but smile,I didn’t expect good luck tonight,Also met three women,Maybe these three women will be able to use it in the future。
I took a look at the somewhat charming night view of Pingdu,Wang Youcai took out his cell phone and called Song Fang,One call,Without waiting for Song Fang to speak,Wang Youcai said coldly:“You go home,I’m looking for you“Wang Youcai finished,Without waiting for Song Fang to speak,Hung up。
Move your body,Start the car,Rushed all the way to Xiping Village。The peace of Xiping Village at this time,The street lights in the village are on,Like in the city。
Unfortunately,When Wang Youcai drove into the village,,Did not see a person。This is really different from previous years。Now every household has a big color TV,As soon as people eat,Just sit and watch TV,Then wash and sleep。Because I have to go to work in the cooperative the next day。
Thus,Fewer people come out。Like getting together to play cards,Or drinking small wines doesn’t happen often。Because the job of a cooperative is a pit of a carrot,If anyone is eliminated,It’s hard to get in again。The people in the village regard their job very importantly,No one wants to take this risk anymore。
Wang Youcai drove his broken jeep directly into the compound,He found out when he got out of the car,The old Santana sent by his brother Wang You also parked in the courtyard,It seems that Song Fang is here。
as expected,When Wang Youcai entered the house,Song Fangzheng and his wife Chen Yueqin chat。His father Wang Degui accompanied his son Niuniu in the pit making toys。
“Son is back?Have you eaten?what do you want to eat?I will do it for you“Chen Yueqin laughed,Stood up。
Wang Youcai shook his head and said:“forget it!I have already eaten。Go and close the door,We want to talk something“Chen Yueqin smiled,So I ran away。Don’t think Chen Yueqin is already in her early sixties,Can walk like a gust of wind,The average young man can’t keep up with her。
Wang Degui patted his grandson Niuniu’s ass,said laughingly:“Call daddy!See what delicious food your father brought us Niuniu back“