But it’s just a little bit slower,This person can’t move after only half a meter back,Because his hand holding the knife has been firmly held by Li Tianchou。

Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty One chance encounter
Short freeze,Li Tianchou saw the person’s appearance clearly。This is a very uncomfortable face,Eyebrows,Big face,Cheeks are thin and pale,Not a trace of blood,Lips are big and thick,Like a clown in a circus。The trouble is that this person’s hair is close to his forehead,Feel soggy,Like just fished out of the water。Such a ghostly virtue,Even walking on the street during the day will be scary。
What surprised Li Tianchou most was,This short-lived guy’s actual combat experience and fighting ability are far beyond imagination。Although the other party was caught by the wrist,But not panic at all。Suddenly dash back with both feet,The other hand has pulled out a shiny short dagger from his arms,Quietly stabbed at Li Tianchou’s ribs。Seemingly plain,But with Li Tianchou’s pull back,So the action is outrageous。
Form change,Between the sparks,Li Tianchou’s heart stunned,This guy is desperate when he comes up,Just careless。He had to quickly avoid sideways,Left fist hits the opposite door,At the same time, the right hand suddenly pressed down the opponent’s wrist。Three moves in one go,Strain faster,
When two people meet each other, they are playing fast,And be cruel,Leave no room for,Layman can’t see,But the two fighting men are very aware of the danger。
“boom,boom”Two crisp sounds,Plus a muffled hum,The clown-like person has flew upside down,Fell three meters away,The bridge of the nose was hit by Li Tianchou,The rib also got a kick,Lying on the ground for a long time without getting up。
Li Tianchou is not much better,Not only was he stabbed at the waist,And the lower abdomen was kicked by the opponent,Fortunately, the sideways movement is fast enough,Not deep。Even so, Li Tianchou was surprised,I have never encountered a person of this kind since demobilization,Just look at this person’s resilience,He recalled a few people he used to know,I’m afraid that Shen Yingjie is not an opponent。
But there is no time for him to think about it,Two strong winds came from behind,Amazing power,The two big guys behind him did it without saying a word。Li Tianchou doesn’t know what kind of guy the other party uses,Listen to the wind and vigorously sink,It’s better to force it,So roll on the spot,Distanced from each other。
No matter what these two big guys look like、The dresses are very similar,Be at least 1.9 meters tall,Muscles on the face,I can’t flatter my face。Each of them is carrying a four-sided wooden stick with a thick bowl,Ferocious,Seeing a miss,Don’t speak,Bully again。
Looking at the posture of these two people, it also belongs to the kind of lunatic who will be pinched when they meet.,Say nothing,Come up to death,Definitely a professional thug,Li Tianchou laughed at himself that he was very lucky today,Actually stabbed a hornet’s nest。
But he also guessed,These three are outstanding,Should be Sun Guaizi’s personal thug,But watching the scene in the water and sky,Seems a little overkill。But no wonder,Li Tianchou just gave Sun Guaizi a bunch of pistachios,It’s understandable that this old bastard is fully on guard now。
Must get rid of entanglement quickly,Because Li Tianchou didn’t know if there were any other thugs coming besides these three。He is confident,But he can’t bear a few more at this level,If the other party has guns, it’s more troublesome。
So he suddenly shouted,Facing the stick shadow from the opponent,He try to shrink his body into a ball,Maximum speed,The body ran across the big head on the left like a cannonball。