280 Want to be the big boss

“Very ghost,Also tell me thank you,”Wang Sulian smiled,Thought for a while,Suddenly said mysteriously,“Let me tell you something。”
“No outsiders,There are only two of us at home,You can say it out loud。”Xia Shuyue was amused by her mother’s expression。
Wang Sulian is serious,“I don’t know if it’s an illusion,I always feel like someone is following me every day I go out。”
“When did this happen?”Xia Shuyue was taken aback。
“When shopping in the morning,It’s been several days,Feel this way every day。”
“Have you seen anyone?Why do you feel this way?”
“Wearing sunglasses,Is a middle-aged man。”
“A thief?”
Wang Sulian thought for a while,Shaking head,“Do not,Doesn’t look like a thief,Every time I look back at him,He turned his face aside,I go,He is behind me。”
“Is it a coincidence,Sometimes everyone goes out to buy groceries,Just the same way。”
Wang Sulian shook her head again,“Should not be,Because I see the same person every day,Can’t be this coincidence。”
“You will go out to buy groceries tomorrow at the same time as usual。”Xia Shuyue Suggestion。
the next day,Wang Sulian was going out to buy vegetables,I saw a lot of food in the refrigerator,Enough vegetables and meat,Just lazy to get out,Make soup for my daughter at home。