“Arrived at the police station,You fight for lenient,Confess all those people,Maybe I can stay in prison for a few years。”Li Tianchou finished,Turned around and went out to smoke。

Hua Yun responded quickly,Despite the big night,She hurried to the construction site with people。Don’t worry about the next thing Li Tianchou,Old winter melon was taken to a nearby hospital,Cui Cui was also temporarily placed in a separate board room on the construction site to rest。
After a short communication,Hua Yun decided to listen to Li Tianchou’s advice,Li Desheng was handed over to the Criminal Police Team of the County Public Security Bureau overnight,Like Li Tianchou, she has a good impression and trust in Zhou Nan。
From the Public Security Bureau,Hua Yun must send Li Tianchou back to the construction site,Under repeated push,Li Tianchou reluctantly got into the car,But as soon as I sat down, I felt the atmosphere was wrong,There seems to be a strong sour smell in the car。
Sitting in the back seat, Li Tianchou soon discovered that the sourness came from Jincheng in the driving seat.,Although you can only see the back of the opponent’s head,But he can detect Mr. Jin’s anger very sensitively。
“Have you considered that matter??”Hua Yun didn’t feel the weird atmosphere at all,Suddenly asked。
Li Tianchou looked forward first,Turning to look at Hua Yun again,I feel the problem seems to be asking myself,I had to point to the tip of my nose,“ask me?”
“Yes,Don’t ask who you ask?”
“what’s up?”Li Tianchou noticed that Jin Cheng looked up slightly in the inverted mirror in the middle。
“Is to come to work to help me。Don’t tell me you forgot。”Hua Yun reminded me in an angry way。
Chapter One Hundred and Forty Three Get angry again
Really forgot,Li Tianchou smiled,“Remember,Busy looking for people these two days,Not ready yet。”
“A big man,Do you need to grind like this?”Hua Yun is a little unhappy。Suddenly asked,She is not on a whim,Because in the afternoon she received an anonymous call,In addition to the intimidation of Chi Guo Guo, Pantech is ready to withdraw from the Fukuyama market,And there are vulgar abuses and physical threats。
Hua Yun is quite convinced of Li Tianchou’s judgment,Using his words to describe the other party has jumped the wall in a hurry。Although she is not afraid,But it’s not just froze,She never mentioned anything to anyone in the company,Including Jincheng,So as not to cause unnecessary panic。Except for the first time to report to the criminal police team Zhou Nan,Hua Yun then thought of Li Tianchou,She really needs his help right now,Including self-safety issues。
The cost of the front-row driving seat is very angry.,Let the dignified company boss give a mud leg as a driver,What the fuck are you?Hear what Hua Yun said,Kim Sung is even more annoyed,What’s happening here?Let a migrant worker come to work in the company?Is it convulsive??