Qin Feng is helpless,Although I don’t understand why Jiang Min asked Wang Dao not to say this。But since the king knife is reluctant,Qin Feng wouldn’t necessarily speak even if he asked Wang Dao,So in the end he can only choose to give up。

“Ok,Since you don’t want to say,I won’t ask anymore。Then now,Are you taking me to the island country??anyway,Cenwen’s little brother won’t faint, right?”
“No!Just cooperate and help。Besides, this is not bad for you, Master.。”
Qin Feng fell silent when he heard Wang Dao’s words。
After all, a long time ago,Qin Feng didn’t understand his apprentice at all。To know,A lot of people,Either chasing fame or profit,It’s just that what Wang Dao showed at the time was extremely simple。
Even before Qin Feng separated from him,Wang Dao didn’t even form a mercenary group。
“King knife,Do you still remember that I was leaving
Did I ask you anything when?”
Wang Dao was taken aback when he heard the words,Obviously I didn’t expect Qin Feng to ask about things many years ago,the most important is,When they met in the island country last time, they didn’t talk about this.。
But Wang Dao’s memory is still very online,“I remember that,you ask me,What is my belief.”
“You didn’t answer at the time,What about now,Do you have an answer?I still don’t know why you walked into this bloody world。now what,Since you are helping Cen Wen.”
“All right,Stop talking。Actually Master contacted me!”Wang Dao said。
“What do you mean?”Qin Feng frowned,“You mean to say,Even though you were active in Europe,But didn’t get in touch with Chen Feng,All this is actually because Jiang Min found you,That’s why you did it?”
“Be it!”Wang Dao smiled,“He said that when he is free,Will teach me more powerful fighting methods。I saw him fighting,I found that I was fascinated by his posture and fighter。I also want to be such a master!”
Qin Feng shook his head helplessly,Because he knows,These words should be true。Although Qin Feng thought Jiang Min was unreliable a long time ago。
But no matter how you say it, it’s a day of being a teacher and a father!So for Jiang Min,Although Qin Feng said something to the old man,But he still respects this old man who is also a master and father。
Just always,Qin Feng found that he couldn’t understand Jiang Min more and more。So this time,Qin Feng also has no answer。
What the old man wants to do?Actually teach“Trick”Such conditions can lure Wang Dao to participate in this kind of incident?
To know,King knife is always just an outsider,He himself has nothing to do with spiders and Skynet。
Plus,From the beginning, Qin Feng never thought of bringing in this one who helped him get revenge.。Because deep in my heart,Qin Feng doesn’t want to involve so many unrelated people!