Li Tianxing also stared at Xiang Chen,The simplest truth is,This guy who is still enjoying dessert eats his own,Live your own,Now it’s his turn to show his loyalty!

However, Xiang Chen did not disappoint Li Tianxing,The first sentence I said was:“Since you can’t entertain me in the capital,Then discount it with the country!You happen to know my account!”
Xiang Chen’s answer left Zhou Ziyi silent for a long time,Li Tianxing also choked with laughter。Thinking of being taken advantage of by Xiang Chen,But this guy is still very powerful at the critical moment。
Zhou Ziyi was stunned for a while,When I look at Xiangchen again,His face recovered。
“Mr. Xiang is still annoying as always。”
This can be regarded as Zhou Ziyi’s introduction to Xiang Chen,And Liu Qingmei is also sitting elegantly beside Zhou Ziyi,Nodding to Xiangchen,Then faintly spoke:“I often hear Ziyi mention Mr. Xiang,Lucky today,Not as famous as meeting。”
Very elegant opening,A creature like a goddess can scold people without dirty words。
Xiang Chen put down the knife and fork in his hand,You can stay away from Zhou Ziyi,But the first time I met Liu Qingmei,It’s always bad to have a knife and fork in your hand。
“Your husband must have never told you about me,So laugh if you want!”
Xiang Chen said indifferently。
“Mr. Xiang is really funny!”
Liu Qingbrow covered his mouth and chuckled,Silently blocked Xiang Chen for Zhou Ziyi。
“I thought it would be great if you had Li Gongzi,But now Mr. Xiang supports,I think you can win a prize this time!”
“If you don’t win,Are you losing money?”
Xiang Chen talked to death again,But Li Tianxing is very optimistic about Xiang Chen,I think chatting should be as powerful as him。
Liu Qingmei smiled,I also ignored Xiang Chen’s words。
Smiling Xiang Chen,Li Tianxing is also going to leave,It’s just that Xiang Chen’s departure let Zhou Ziyi pay the bill,Li Tianxing couldn’t help but scream。
Although there is not much money in total,But this kind of thing makes people feel at ease。
Leave all the bills to Zhou Ziyi,When Li Tianxing and Xiang Chen left,Also full of energy。