“Stop messing around!After this duel,Two of them,And the family behind them,All have to pay!I won’t spare them easily。”

Unexpectedly, Ming Shizun would actually speak for himself,Zhao Hongxiu feels a little soft,I suddenly felt that all my efforts were not in vain,A man who spends his time to please,Still effective。
Zhang Bo raised his head,Holding Su Yunlei’s little shoulder in one hand,Speak loudly:“Ming Shizun,You are so wrong!Your Ming family is perverse,Even milk powder is a food related to the national economy and people’s livelihood,You have earned enough money!
You are killing the future of this country,A family like you that is not as good as a beast,No longer qualified to exist!I will watch you collapse with my own eyes,And send you to prison!”
These words are utterly loud,And it was said in front of so many children from the family,Like a battle essay,Relentlessly expose Ming’s ugliness to everyone。
Be mentioned on this topic,Ming Shizun was at a loss for words,Because this incident is the biggest crisis of the entire Ming family in recent years,The most frustrating thing。
For a time,There was buzzing discussion all around。
“by!This young man is so bold,Dare to say anything!”
“Who is this person?He said this in public,Are you really dead??”
“What’s the life?!This person made it clear that he was with Lu Menglin,If you win, everyone’s scenery,Jump off the cliff together if you lose,Of course he dare to speak and be!”
“Oh my god!I remember who he is!Isn’t he the son of the Zhang family in Jinling??The one who runs the lawyer’s office,I heard that he was cut off by a red sleeve,I didn’t expect to be able to stand up!”
“No wonder then!This person has a deep hatred with the Ming family,Of course I dare to kill!”
“Listen to his tone,It’s like Ming’s tainted milk powder,He did it!This buddy is amazing!He broke his hands and feet,He cuts money!”
“More than money,It’s almost broken!But he seems to make a lot of sense,Don’t look at the Ming family’s troubles now,They secretly manipulate the domestic milk powder market,Did such a thing that people and gods are angry with,Maybe the top executives are really going to move them!”
“Yes,Yes!I see today’s duel,Ming may be a bit mysterious!That Lu Menglin looks confident,Maybe you can win!”