alone,How could it be possible to move such a big person like Ouyang Jianfeng,But just when Murong Huainan wanted to say something to Xiao Fan,Xiao Fan glared back with a cold look,and,To the mouth,Has become:“I know!”

Xiao Fan hugged Lin Yoona to a box next to him,Carefully put Lin Yoona on the sofa,Feel a pill from the body,After giving Lin Yoona mouth-to-mouth,,Lin Yuner’s frowning brows slowly relaxed.。
Xiao Fan really regrets it now,If not for yourself,Lin Yoona won’t be kidnapped by the bastard Ouyang Jianfeng,If it wasn’t for being distracted just now,Then the vase won’t hit Lin Yoona’s back。
Everything is my fault!
Just today,Xiao Fancai promised Lin Yoona,Take good care of her,Guard her,Not let her get hurt。
but,How long has passed since,Lin Yuner suffered such a big ordeal。
Drops of tears flowed down the corners of Xiao Fan’s eyes,He never thought,Lin Yoona’s feelings for her,It’s so deep to this level。
And Xiao Fan,For so many years,This is the first time I have tasted this feeling of being guarded by ordinary people。
Don’t know how long it took,Xiao Fan left Ouyang’s private club with Lin Yun’er who was still sleeping,A flying body came to the door of the bridal shop,I have to go to Ouyang’s house in person later,Lin Yoona can’t stay in the hotel alone,He is worried,and so,Think about it,At present, the most suitable person to take care of Lin Yoona is probably only the proprietress of this bridal shop!
“Dong dong dong!”Xiao Fan just knocked on the door of the bridal shop,I heard an impatient voice from the bridal shop over there,“Who,Who is this again,In the middle of the night, let people not sleep!”
open the door,The boss is about to get angry,I saw Xiao Fan standing outside the door holding Lin Yun’er who was unconscious。
“Is not,What’s wrong with Miss Lin? This is?”The lady boss asked anxiously。
“It’s okay,Boss lady,I have something to go out in a while,Yoona, can you please take care of me?,I will be back soon。”Xiao Fan said。
The lady boss looked at Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona,Just let go,Said:“come in,do not worry,I will take good care of her!”
“Thank you,I will repay you well afterwards!”Xiao Fan walked inside with the lady boss,While saying。
Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty One How to do?
Who knows that the lady boss pretended to be angry,Said to Xiao Fan:“What are you talking about,You just put him with me,You go quickly!”