“in fact,When you received her call,Have made a judgment in my heart,I just follow your heart.I like fairness,Get married i listen to you,divorce,Just let me come.If you feel insulting your dignity,Unbalanced mind,I’ll leave it to you,Leave it to you!Woo woo……”

What he loves most is her understanding,Then make him happy,This may be the last thing done for him。
Willow cried and laughed,A woman who is a bit noisy when drinking,Really drunk crazy,No one can control!
“Huo’s family style isAThe city is famous,How many people respect and admire,Shameful extramarital affairs are insulators with you.I thought you inherited the family tradition,Be dedicated to wife,Responsible to the family.The truth is that I made a mistake,You are different from them,Really different.”
“I only love you。”I know that Yangliu won’t listen,Huo Yunhe has to make it clear,Especially family style,I can’t discredit the family。
The man after the hangover looked haggard,Bleak eyes,Hoarse voice,His sadness is no less than hers。
“Do not,You do not love me,You love a woman named Yangliu,But I’m still Lu Yao,Is another child not recognized by the Lu family,Although I don’t want to have anything to do with them.”
Willows sober for a while and confused,Seeing everything is ghosting,Holding Huo Yunhe’s face in both hands,Stared at it for a while,Just sneered and laughed,Put my face on it and rubbed it,“Yunhe,Did i say,You’re so handsome,When i first met you,Also amazing,I really want to throw you down。”
Yangliu is really drunk,When they are close together,You can’t say such shameless words,But now……
“what?What’s wrong with your face?like,Seems torn,you,Did you fall?”
Willow pouted,Whirring at the corner of his mouth,“It won’t hurt after blowing,You are the general manager,Come out on behalf of Huo,want,Pay attention to the image。”
Huo Yunhe’s mouth was broken by Lu Liang,Faintly bruised,It doesn’t hurt anymore,He didn’t take it seriously,I didn’t expect to find a drunk willow like this,Explain that she is still very important in her heart。
Woman’s delicate red lips pouted,Sway in front of him,This kind of welfare,There won’t be in the future。
My heart hurts,The big hands around her body couldn’t help but use force,“Wife,pain——”
A big man acting like a baby to a woman,Except love,What else?The last warmth,To stay in memory。
“.pain?”Yangliu reacted afterwards,You shouldn’t bump your mouth when you walk.,“you,You fought?”
Know she still cares about him,Still love him,Huo Yunhe’s heart is somewhat comforting,Started suing for comfort,“By Lu Liang,I was jealous of him before。”
Jealous?why?Oh,Do you think I have something with him?What a naive man!